Castle Placement and the University of Michigan

The Grand Finale of CPGO Competition V, a capital raising bracket tournament sponsored by Castle Placement and the University of Michigan, took place in December of 2019.
Throughout the tournament, some of UMICH’s best students pitched their businesses on Castle Placement’s website, as if they were presenting to investors to raise capital. The contestants were all great companies poised for growth. Thousands of voters narrowed the field in on-line voting to three finalists who pitched at the grand finale.
Each finalist presented their company, opportunity, and strategy to a panel of judges. In the end, the judges selected Elefunnel, a growing company that produces a new liquid consumption vehicle.

Investor Presentation Gallery


Company Name


Investor Presentation

The Tuton

The Tuton


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Eliot Giannoni, Josh Franko, Michael Walker, Luke Turo, Nick Cassar

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Scrunchie Shot

Scrunchie Shot

Allison Vogg, Catherine Loder, Justine Abbo, Heather Gaynor

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Helping Great Companies Grow
No securities are issued in connection with CPGO Competition.
This is a hypothetical contest. No capital is being raise, and no securities are being offered or sold, in this contest.


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