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Parsons Energy Group is seeking $58 million to develop a fracking sand mine in Wisconsin. Total cost of $64 million

Project Cost

Phase 1:  Pre-development, plant design:  $9 million;

​Phase 2:  Development:  $55 million Expected to supply long term sustainable fracking sand at best value from over 120 million tons of Northern White frac sand reserves Size of deposit and favorable production conditions expected to produce a minimum of

Key Highlights  

Third party quantity verification of 120 million Tons of reserves with large mineral reserve ratio to capital development costs

“Shovel Ready” – All permits approved and active

Production capacity of 2.5 million short Tons per year upon completion with additional egress options to increase production to 10 million Tons per year

Exclusive Supplier Agreement with a Native American-owned supplier providing a competitive advantage in the Bakken Region through TERO regulations.




Located in Trempealeau County, situated entirely in Independence, WI – approximately four miles north of Arcadia WI and one mile east of State Hwy 93


Appraisal completed by Integra Realty Resources in February 2021 places the “As is” market value of the mine at $189 million, and a prospective market value as a “Going Concern” upon completion to $300 million



Northern White Frac Sand is the Preferred Fracking Sand

Recognized worldwide as the preferred fracking sand due to its superior quality, equating to superior performance creating significant demand

Declining Supply 

Bakken Market – Ft. Berthold Indian Reservation (A sovereign nation unaffected by US Government directives)

Forecasted 2021 demand for frac sand is 11.2 million tons (on reservation)

​MHA Nation TERO regulations require companies to do business with Native American entities at preferred pricing opportunities

​Native American frac sand suppliers have a captive market vs Non-Native supplier Marcellus Market

Sand can be barged to the Marcellus resulting in less expensive product vs rail transportation via other suppliers



Leverage on Competitive Advantage: Leverage PEG’s competitive advantages to gain a profitable share of the frac sand market

Leasehold Rights: Leasehold rights to 120 million Tons of Northern White reserves near Independence, Wisconsin

Scalability: Develop a 2.5 million ton per year facility and make it scalable up to 10 million Tons per year

Leverage on Strategic Location: Access to four Tier 1 rail lines and major river transportation via barge

Supply/Offtake Agreements: Exclusive supplier agreement with a Native American-owned supplier licensed to conduct business on the Ft. Berthold Indian Reservation in the Bakken region in North Dakota


Competitive Advantage

Customer/End User are not subject to current Federal administrative directives

Customer/end user is a 100% Native American owned company doing business on the Ft. Berthold Indian Reservation of the MHA Nation, subject to TERO regulations

TERO as defined by the MHA Nation Laws

Enables the tribe to exercise their inherent sovereign powers by imposing Indian preference on employers working on or near the jurisdictional bounderies of the Three Affiliated Tribes

Note: Tribal lands are a sovereign country; exempt from the current US administration’s executive orders Oil & gas in the tribe’s main revenue stream.​



Exclusive Supply Agreement

Parsons Energy has an Exclusive Supplier Agreement with a Native American-owned supplier providing a competitive advantage in the Bakken Region through TERO regulations

Established, mature markets in the U.S.

Bakken market – Ft. Berthold Indian Reservation (A sovereign nation unaffected by US Government directives)

Native American frac sand suppliers have a captive market vs. Non-Native suppliers

Market Expansion

Barge access on the Mississippi River opens up oil and gas markets in the Marcellus region in the eastern US as well as international markets



Rick Parsons

Extensive management skills

Career with Bechtel Group, Inc. (largest privately owned EPCM company in the world) included the management, operation and construction activities for nuclear facilities with budgets in excess of $14 Billion

Part of the senior leadership team on Bechtel’s management teams for Department of Energy National Laboratory Facilities in multiple states

Key management roles for international work in Bechtel’s Mining & Minerals Division,Petroleum & Chemical Division, and for  the construction of US Embassies worldwide

Formed consulting company(Parsons Management Group, LLC), which has developed commercial real estate specific to Department of Energy security requirements in excess of $60 Million.

Randy Smith

Extensive business knowledge and experience in all disciplines of engineering and construction

Founder and Presidentof Northcon Inc., a successful and award-winning EPCM & GC organization successfully performing work since 1992,currently exceeding $75 million annually nationwide. Includes Federal, State, Commercial and Private Projects throughout the United States

Completed over 1,700 construction projects while leading Northcon’s growth, providing a trusted partner in project completion for its customers.

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