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Medical Technology and Agrifood Technology

Company Type

Technology Incubator/Accelerator


$20 Million

Investment Type




  • The Trendlines Group is a public investment company with a portfolio of great Israeli Medtech and Agrifood companies

  • Trendlines’ partnerships with investors, strategic players, inventors, and governments is central to helping it achieve its mission of investing in companies to improve the human condition

  • The ongoing Israel-Hamas war is challenging for young companies’ funding activities – companies that contributed to Israel being known as the start-up nation, companies that are Israel’s economic future

  • To help, Trendlines is raising up to $20mm USD, principally to invest via SAFE notes with attractive terms

  • This opportunity should not be viewed as competing with aid organizations; it is an investment in innovation and directly supports Israel’s startup ecosystem

  • For those reconsidering donations to colleges, for example, directly supporting these Israeli companies could be a meaningful alternative



  • For the sake of Israel’s startup economy, Trendlines has established Startup Shield SPV (“SPV”), an Israeli limited partnership special purpose vehicle, to help bridge its outstanding companies to better investment times (Trendlines and SPV together “Company”)

  • Startup Shield’s goal is to extend the financial runways of otherwise strong companies, allowing them to survive, progress, and be positioned to raise additional capital when market conditions become more favorable

  • This represents an outstanding opportunity for investors to share in a portfolio of exciting companies at attractive, discounted valuations

  • Trendlines is targeting a capital raise of up to USD $20mm at attractive terms (no management fees or carried interest to Trendlines) to invest in a subset of its Israeli portfolio companies

Attractive Terms

  • Trendlines is targeting a capital raise of up to USD $20mm at attractive terms (no management fees or carried interest to Trendlines) to invest in a subset of its Israeli portfolio companies

  • All of Trendlines Israel-based companies will be eligible for funding as follows:
    • if the funding will give them a minimum 12 months runway
    • most companies funded will be sufficiently advanced in their development processes to be substantially considered technology de-risked


Todd Dollinger

Trendlines’ Founder; over 40 years’ experience developing innovative products from concept to exit

Steve Rhodes

Trendlines’ Founder; over 40 years’ experience, deep understanding of investing and building companies

Haim Brosh

20 years’ managerial
and financial experience in public and private companies

Nitza Kardish PhD
CEO-Trendlines Agrifood

Vast experience in food and agriculture technologies alongside strong business acumen

Barak Singer
CEO-Trendlines Investments Israel

Extensive investment knowledge & experience + strong managerial and business capabilities

Eric Loh
CEO-Trendlines Medical Singapore

Over 30 years’ experience establishing companies and leading their development

Kobby Greenberg

CEO-Trendlines Innovation Labs

Brings a wealth of experience in the medical device industry

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