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FinTech, SaaS


$5 Million

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DIGTL Ltd. is seeking $5 million of debt to accelerate building its global investment & trading platform. The debt is backed by DIGTL’s ownership of a highly valuable carbon credit asset (recognized in the regulated markets and actively traded globally).

The Asset: 1,930,000 carbon credit units awarded by Theaus Global Inc. to DIGTL with no restriction for sale/transferability

Asset Value: DIGTL places the value of the asset conservatively at $14 million, giving it an LTV of 35%

Environmental Impact: It is expected that these carbon credits will be seen as a premium within the market and be highly credible for organizations to offset their carbon footprint to help attain the carbon zero target for 2030 and 2050

The Asset

  • Theaus’s objective is to create the world’s largest and most defensible premium carbon credit reserve by applying a proprietary method of generating “leave the oil in the ground” credits

  • The asset is expected to be one of the highest quality carbon-based assets in the world and is supported by a Canada to G7 nation ( Canada )

  • The carbon offset is based on Canadian oil & gas reserves which exceed all attributes of carbon credits that exist today

  • The oil & gas industry has well over 100 years of global standards for determining actual oil reserves based on seismic engineering – this is not a forestry or agriculture credit (i.e., nature based)

Key Attributes of the Asset

Exceeds the key attributes of nature-based offsets and other “oil in the ground” initiatives


  • Methodology applied to fully permitted, economically viable assets

  • Different from most existing projects, reserves not subject to typical failure points such as wildfires, political instability etc.,

  • Unlike most oil, bitumen will not change it is “frozen” and protected from unrestricted access

  • Oil Sands bitumen has 25% higher emissions than other oils and sells at a premium to WTI (a global Standard)

  • Through an innovative proprietary process, the asset has been differentially recognized by the Government of Alberta


  • Where oil would have been extracted, can now use land for nature or alternative energy projects

Scale of the Project

  • The scale of the Wildwood Avoidance Project is unprecedented

  • The combination of its scale and quality of the project’s credit establishes the Wildwood Avoidance Project as one of the most impactful avoidance projects available to the carbon markets

Carbon Credit Pricing

Carbon credits have increased in value significantly since 2021 and are expected to continue to Increase over the next several years and decades


James  Wallace – Chairperson

Board member of Gibraltar Stock Exchange, MERJ Exchange and Vice Chair of 1transfer. Serial tech entrepreneur, building hundreds of applications inside dozens of softwares over the last 30 years. Active venture investor and avid social change agent. Also, a global law, governance and macroeconomics hobbyist. Imagines social impact companies are the best catalyst for positive global change. Believes meaningful living is a human right. Thinks self-sovereign identity, unmitigated financial inclusion, and peer-to-peer monetary systems are the next global civil rights movement. Wholly committed to migrating global assets to the new, open digital financial system to help create a fair and equitable socio-economic system for all.

Kyle Fry CEO

In the digital asset industry since 2018 and held roles of President in other fintech ventures. Has spent significant time building the infrastructure required to pursue DIGTL’s mission and realize its vision. Has direct digital asset experience in technology development, investment banking, venture capital and asset management. Was a FINRA registered representative for over 12 years and has deep expertise and understanding of US securities regulation. Has also been a listing advisor at MERJ Exchange since 2020. Before entering into digital assets full-time, spent 10 years at Credit Suisse providing M&A investment banking advisory services, mostly in technology, to public and private companies, as well as private equity firms. Led numerous transactions from initial engagement to closing as well as announced over $80 billion of M&A deals. Prior to Credit Suisse, for approximately five years held various analytical roles combining technology and finance at a public company. MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School, graduating with honors; B.S. in Computer Information Systems, from Colorado State.

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