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Banking-as-a Service


$10 Million

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OmniWire, Inc. is seeking $10 million of equity to grow its innovative Banking-as-a-Service that provides next generation, secure cloud-based infrastructure issuer processing to a network of over 1,200 banks and their FinTech clients. 


  • Its core banking and card issuing platforms allow FinTech and financial institutions access to Banking-as-a-Service solutions with easy integration and accelerated go-to-market strategies


  • Integrated with Shazam, the premier member-owned debit network providing network processing


  • Most current bank systems do not allow instant settlement of transactions between banks 


  • It can take hours and even days to settle a transaction and often requires third party providers to move funds 


  • Issuer processors face challenges connecting to multiple banks 


  • Many processors and banks are running legacy systems which are not compatible with the feature rich requirements of digital payments 


  • They are faced with the challenge of re-building their infrastructure, which significantly increases their costs and time to market 


OmniWire brings together all the elements that are required to allow instant settlement and transactions between banks. 


  • Open Banking: Introducing new to market instant payments from any card to any card and any bank account to any bank account


  • API solution: Provides instant settlement through the Federal Reserve Bank 


  • Issuer Processing: Next generation secure, cloud-based core banking and issuer processing platforms are agnostic and modular in structure and connected to a network of 1,200 banks 


  • Neobank/Card Issuance:  Provide a fully managed Neobank that can issue cards on major card schemes and for any BIN Sponsor 


  • Through unique partnerships and relationships, OmniWire provides banks, FinTech and financial institutions access to its fast payment hub giving instant any-card-to-any card and any-bank-account-to-any-bank account settlement that complements open banking solutions  


  • OmniWire Issuer processing is connected to a network of 1,200 banks 


OmniWire partners with a number of regulated and industry-leading organizations to add value


  • Shazam – relationship with Shazam, the premier member-owned debit network providing network processing
  • Stearns Bank – provides BIN Sponsorship for Visa and Mastercard and integration with KYC and fraud management through Sardine 
  • Cuallix Bank – provides BIN Sponsorship for AMEX 
  • CPI Card Group – provides card manufacturing services
  • Access – discounted loyalty and cash-back reward programs
  • Atomic – salary direct deposit 
  • Plaid – push and pull payments 


Serge Beck

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

CEO and Founder of OmniWire driven by the belief that people deserve sounder, more secure financial services in our tech-driven world and is committed to eradicating current problems detrimental to end-user experience through the creation of synergized, decentralized products. Earlier in their career, was responsible for engineering some of the most critical and innovative technological infrastructure at premier financial institutions, including Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch, revolutionizing the way market participants could operate through advanced software development.

Jill Davies

Chief Operating Officer

A successful and entrepreneurial COO/Business Leader with 20 years in-depth experience and a sustained record of success.  An Innovative strategist with a proven ability to lead complex and challenging multi-dimensional change programs, delivering impressive success on a regional, national, and international level.  Earlier career has included senior roles at several well-known payments organizations including CornerCard UK and Grass Roots (acquired by Blackhawk Network) and non-Executive Director at industry organization Prepaid Innovation Forum (PIF).

Mark Wheeler

Chief Legal and Compliance Officer

Over forty years business experience and nine years military experience in executive management including VP of International Market Development at Visa International and European Director of Financial Consulting for Stanford Research Institute International (“SRI”);.“C” level management of compliance, KYC/AML and CTF operations, prepaid/credit/debit card design, development, implementation, and operations; international finance, marketing, and strategic planning; financial and risk management products and services development and operations; project management, technical design and development management; systems design and development.

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