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$15 Million

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The Universal Problem We All Want Solved


NIH & WHO estimate that ~50% of humanity struggles with chronic and recurring pain that undermines their quality of life. The other half struggles periodically.


DNA Vibe’s patented regenerative wearable helps prevent injury, reduce pain, accelerate & improve recovery with no drugs or surgical interventions.


Jazz Band Regenerative Wearable


Patented tech amplifies our natural DNA-driven regenerative process to help prevent injury while accelerating and improving recovery

Trusted by hundreds of Pro & Olympic athletes, thousands of clinical partners, and 10’s of thousands of moms, dads, grandparents & kids

Patent-pending mesh manufacturing methods reduce costs, increase agility, and driven transformative impact across local markets served

Cloud platform & patented closed-loop AI-driven biofeedback analytics drive wide range of high-value recurring subscriptions

DNA Vibe is operating at threshold profitability & poised for rapid profitable growth & value creation

Wide Range of High-Value, Cloud-Based, AI-Driven Recurring Revenue Services

The following applications and services are a small sampling of subscription-based recurring revenue offerings enabled by our existing patented and operational platform and applications.

In Summary


Cutting-edge patented technology boosts quality of life

Large, highly motivated, rapidly growing market w/ strong tail winds

Transformative patent-pending “mesh mfg” w/ strong cost-performance advantages & powerful good will

High-value cloud-based analytics & AI-driven recurring revenue services & applications

Extraordinary consumer & professional market success stories & testimonials (exceptional repeat/referral rate)

Award-winning tech w/ exceptional market momentum

Well-proven world-class team

Ready now for accelerated and profitable growth

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