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EcoChem Alternative Fuels (EAF) is seeking $30 million to deploy their Smart Pump (fuel dispenser) equipment worldwide and expand into the maritime industry

  • Provides High-Performance Clean Diesel (HPCDTM) using a patented technology solution
  • HPCDTM  is a highly refined, superior diesel fuel that meets new quality standards and protects critical engine components from many of the risks associated with poor quality, standard grade ULSD fuel on the market today
  • Two clean diesel technology patents granted
  • Transport Refinery Unit (TRU) is attached to the diesel tanker for cleaning before the fuel is stored in the diesel tanks or their Smart Pump technology (which provides the cleaning as the vehicle tank is filled)
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  • Diesel fuel is a trillion-dollar global addressable market
  • Extensive target market for clean diesel includes municipalities (including public transit and schools), trucking, railroads, maritime, industrial power and the military
  • There is a technology gap between fuel and engine technology for commercial fleets due to outdated fuel quality standards
  • The World-Wide Fuel Charter has stated that a full 50% of the diesel fuel dispensed around the world does not meet the International Standards Organization, or ISO codes, for cleanliness
  • The demand for OEM compliant fuel has never been higher yet it is not commercially available today to the majority of the marketplace
  • Climate-specific investment flows are growing, with $268 billion per year invested from the private sector and $96 billion per year from the public sector
  • Ambient air pollution is the leading environmental health risk factor globally, resulting in 8.7 million worldwide deaths in 2018 from stroke, ischemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, lower respiratory infections, and diabetes
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  • EAF is expected to retrofit and upgrade fuel supply chains “at the pump” with a best-in-class technology that eliminates poor quality and contaminated fuel as it is being pumped into vehicles and equipment. The result is a superior fuel know as High-Performance Clean Diesel (HPCDTM)
  • The smart pump is a stop gap measure
    • Particle removal water removal to meet OPEM spec
    • Gauss fields accelerate catalysis of formula, charges electron spin and ionizes hydrocarbons
    • Reformulate with precision of oxygen catalyst, lubricant and stabilizer
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Joshua F. Koch

Chairman, Founder of the Board, Chief Innovation Officer

Founded EcoChem Alternative Fuels.  Led the company’s concept to commercialization efforts to create EAF’s patented fuel re-refinement technology and the brand known as High Performance Clean Diesel.  Authored the “Clean Fuel for Cities & Schools Initiative,” which was credited for millions in savings and reduced over 20M of pollution to Ohio Schools.  Formed High Performance Innovations for the development of patents and equipment manufacturing.  Holds multiple patents and has more pending.  Led the efforts to secure grants for testing and commercialization of additional product applications.  Engaged the Ohio State University – Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence for the development of the company’s latest product – The HPCD ® Smart Fuel & Fleet Station™.  Has access to 17 national labs across the country along with multiple universities for the purpose of technology transfer opportunities. Developed or participated in numerous public private partnerships and served on multiple boards.

John S. Bolus

President & Chief Executive Officer, Board Member

Seasoned entrepreneur, and senior C-Suite executive with over 30 years of business experience in both domestic and international markets.  Has been a founder, a principal, and has launched 5 successful start-ups and is listed in the National Directory of Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals. Currently leading the company’s fund-raising efforts and strategy for domestic and international expansion. Founded VidaCom Group and served as Chief Executive Officer, as well as established its Brazilian subsidiary IVAS Brasil to market VoIP services (internet telephony), IP/data services and Video Streaming technologies to Brazilian businesses and Catholic Church entities.  Co-founded Millennium 3 Communications (M3COM), which grew to an international firm with multiple offices in Asia, Europe and the U.S., dealing in the sale and leasing of trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic undersea fiber optic cable and related services.  Was Chief Executive Officer of Teton Telecommunications, a privately owned consulting firm and an independent broker of telecommunications products and services and was able to produce an 800% return on the original investment.  Also served as a Director, President and Chief Operating Officer of Phonetel Technologies, a private payphone and operator service company located in Cleveland, Ohio and was able to double the company’s revenue through a base of 26 agents and increase shareholder value by 400%.

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