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The Agrinam team has extensive experience in the agribusiness sector as investors, advisors and founders/entrepreneurs, which has provided us a robust network of companies in the sector. This experience is critical as we go about our process of identifying the best-in-class agribusiness companies in our targeted region.

Investing Experience

Extensive direct investment experience and growing businesses  in the Agribusiness sector. Members of the Demeter team have participated in several Agribusiness Investment Funds investing in over 40 companies for an aggregate amount in excess of USD$300M

SPAC Experience

Our Sponsor team is comprised of seasoned veterans from Wall Street and Main Street alike, having taken to market three SPACs that raised close to USD$430M

Advisory Experience

Advised more than 100 Agribusiness companies (65 of the the top 100 in Mexico). These Agribusiness companies advised by members of the Demeter team represent over USD$1.5Bn+ in consolidated market cap.




Our team will primarily pursue the following targets:

Targets where the majority of the production will come from Mexico where higher yields can be achieved due to lower labor and land costs and where the value-added distribution occurs in the United States or Canada. This strategy seeks to resolve the problem around the reliability of supply and is also designed to enable higher margin capture with an integrated value chain from the farm to the end retail market

Companies in the primary sector which have the potential to merge with companies in the value-add sector to create a vertically integrated company

Ideal acquisition targets will have strong growth potential, high profitability margins and robust corporate governance practices


Superfoods & Specialty Products

• Superfoods which may or may not be grown in a controlled environment

• Specialty products grown in a controlled environment to minimize risk and maximize production yields such as: berries, tomatoes, peppers, leafy greens and cucumbers

• High margin with fixed priced contracts


Food Tech

• Companies leveraging IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to transform the Agri-food industry into a more modern, sustainable and efficient sector

• Alternative protein & milk products



The Demeter team is focused on the following attributes for the companies that we bring to our portfolio. These companies will exemplify some or all of the following characteristics and fundamentals:


Business Fundamentals

• YoY rev growth

• EBITDA and cash-flow positive

• At least one brand and/or product which is well positioned in the market

Geographic scale & ESG principles

• Potential for operations in more than two countries

• Potential of efficiencies through vertical integration

• Companies aligned to ESG principles

Deal analysis & valuation

       • Opportunity for Demeter to take 20-80% equity of the company

       • Attractive valuations / discounts

Market opportunity & competitive landscape

       • Large total addressable market (“TAM”)

       • Competitive industry position

• Products and services in line with market trends primarily in healthy trends

       • Large export component

Corporate Governance, Exit Potential & Management

• Willingness to implement and strengthen corporate governance practices

• Path to audited financial statements

• Independent board members

• Exit opportunity with larger PE funds, strategic investors or public markets

Quality of human capital/management team

• Strong management and business culture


Management Team

Agustín Tristan

Chief Executive Officer

Experience starting multiple projects in the Agribusiness sector,  growing companies and identifying opportunities in the market  with strong growth potential

Experience in Asset Management, Hedge Funds, Private Equity  and Investment Banking

Five years of experience at Goldman Sachs, New York and  12 years as an entrepreneur

Three years in Management Consulting across multiple industries

Guillermo Eduardo Cruz

Chief Operating Officer

Currently Co-Founder of two SPACs listed on the NASDAQ, Maquia Capital  Acquisition Corporation, a USD$173M SPAC and Benessere Capital  Acquisition Corporation, a USD$115M SPAC both listed in Nasdaq

Manages two private equity funds focused on venture capital, positioning himself as one of the leaders in the private equity industry in Mexico with more than USD$295M+ AUM

Luis Alberto Ibarra

Chief Investment Officer

25 years of experience in high-level positions in the Public Administration.  Expert in subjects related to Agribusiness, Competitiveness, Economic  Regulation and Private Equity

Former CEO of the Private Equity Fund of the Agribusiness Sector (FOCIR); Former Technical Secretary of the Infrastructure and Economic Cabinet for the Presidency; Head of the Investment Unit and CEO of Planning and Evaluation in the SHCP; and Coordinator of Advisers of the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment

During his tenure at FOCIR, invested more than USD$300M+ across 40+ projects

Jeronimo Peralta

Chief Financial Officer

Founder & managing partner of Maquia Capital and CIO of GC Capital,  a venture capital fund with eight investments

CFO of Maquia Capital Acquisition Corporation, a USD$173M SPAC  listed on NASDAQ

During his tenure, Maquia has achieved multiple accolades including the “Excellence in Finance” distinction in the FiNext Awards

Luis Pedraza

Chief Legal Officer

20 years of experience in transactional services that include operations in diverse areas of financing and investments of debt and equity; M&A, structuring of public-private partnership, strategic partnerships and international operations in various industries and sectors. Luis co-founded a solid investment and funding platform for Latin America

Lawyer graduated from the Escuela Libre de Derecho; Masters by Queen Mary University of London. Postgraduate degrees from the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ), the Abbotwood Institute in London, PLI (New York-Venture Finance), among others


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