Cloud-Based Supply

Chain Platform

Osa Commerce is seeking $10 million to expand its cloud-based, AI-driven collaborative visibility  platform to automate and scale supply chain commerce operations

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FinTech / Technology

Company Type

Supply Chain Technology


$10 Million

Investment Type



  • Robust enterprise level and  has already done over 21 million units, 3 million orders, and  250+ million transactions


  • $5 million in new pipeline opportunities with minimal  marketing investment


  • $1 million Annual Revenue (only commercialized  from the end of January 2023)


  • Signed contract with Ryder and plan to expand to 25+ sites to  get to $5 million ARR


  • Deep, experienced management team





Logistics tech market expected to grow to $46.5 billion by 2025


80% of new supply chain will use AI and data science in some way by 2025


Third-Party Logistics (3PL) industry revenue has grown to $258.9 billion


$81.T eCommerce to reach by 2026 (Insider Intelligence report)


46% of supply chain leaders cite network complexity as a top external challenge (Gartner)



76% of manufacturing executives seek to digitize their supply chain for increased visibility (Deloitte)


Solution / Strategy

  • Osa’s platform is built to simplify the complex needs  and process for 3PL / 4PL billing with end-to-end and  real-time visibility powered by AI for smarter decisions
  • Osa is designed, developed, and ready to scale and  serve all the 3PLs/4PLs in this category – Future for  Network and Distributed Warehouse Fulfillment  technology
  • Target brands and retailers in the US and Canada with
  • $10+ million annual revenue with a solid omnichannel  fulfillment strategy, including e-commerce, direct-to-  consumer, BOPIS, and more

Increase Customer Experience


Logistic Cost Reduction


Increase Revenue


Onboarding (Timeline)

4-6 weeks

Management Team

  • E-commerce leader with nearly 20 years of successfully driving global growth for omnichannel retail.
  • Founded and exited a multi-million dollar ecommerce business.
  • Ex-Zulily.
  • Received SDCE Executive’s 2022 Women In Supply Chain award.
  • GSB Stanford Executive studies.
  • Two decades of building technology for enterprise retail including order & warehouse management, and unified commerce platforms.
  • Ex-Manhattan Associates.
  • Specializes in unified customer journey,fulfillment robotics implementations, automations.
  • Customer Success, Strategy, and corporate management.
  • Systems architect with nearly 20 years leading 100+ global enterprise projects.
  • Served in the confidential technology unit 8200 (Israel’s Defence Forces, IDF).
  • Worked with the largest Israeli enterprise companies in finance, government, technology and retail.
  • Specializes in cybersecurity, blockchain, and cloud infrastructure.
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