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AI, Big Data, Analytics, FinTech


$4 Million

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Andrew Einhorn, M.S.

  • Founded media monitoring company in 2009 and sold it to a large private equity firm in 2019
  • As founder and CEO of Synoptos, took company from a napkin sketch to a profitable technology company which sold into some of the world’s largest companies and most prestigious organizations, including Exxon, Discover, MasterCard, ConocoPhillips, Lockheed Martin, the Defense Department, and the White House
  • Architect of five real-time event detection systems, including a pandemic monitoring system for Georgetown Hospital and a threat detection system for the Defense Department
  • Advised hedge funds, Fortune 500 CEOs, and heads of state on social media data analysis and strategies, served as faculty at Georgetown University and worked as a senior management consultant for ICF International through its IPO M.S. in Engineering Management from The George Washington University and a B.A. from Emory University


Enrique Orozco

  • Led technology development since the inception of LevelFields. Served as CTO at Synoptos – a media monitoring technology company that was sold in 2019. Software engineer with over 20 years of experience in computational analysis, database architecture and data mining, and NLP. Oversees proprietary software and data services
  • Led the Database and Software Engineering Department for the Biomedical Informatics Division at the Beckman Research Institute
  • Designed wireless components at Hewlett-Packard and database architecture Genentech, NextOffice, and LucasArts. B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley


Olesya Skofenko

  • Co-Founder of LevelFields. Former growth manager of a B2C, VC-backed startup, LoveCrafts. Worked at CNBC for a short time after spending 15 years trading derivatives professionally at Deutsche Bank as a Director
  • MBA from INSEAD and Master’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Oxford
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