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The Evolution of Search

LandOnEarth is seeking $5 million to fuel the next phase of growth for its SaaS-based, AI-powered real estate platform. The platform, featuring proprietary HomeMatch Technology™, offers:

  • Comprehensive home and neighborhood data to assist buyers in finding better homes
  • It is the only platform that enables homebuyers to combine hundreds of detailed home and neighborhood features to find their perfect match
  • Notably, it is the most agent-centric platform available, helping agents activate dormant clients, generate new leads, and quickly find better home matches
  • Brokers and agents can gain a competitive edge and access priceless data
  • The next-generation real estate AI platform incorporates lifestyle match features, ChatGPT, and computer vision, reducing search time and fostering a collaborative relationship between clients and agents

The Problem

Search Tools Are Inadequate

Time consuming trial and error search


Insufficient information to determine fit


No information on lifestyle needs


Much time is wasted in touring bad  search results

Agent tools lack connection to clients

Lead generation is expensive and time consuming


No detailed information on buyer’s needs


New agents require long ramp-up times


Lack of insights into client’s true needs

Brokers Suffer from Agent Churn

Recruiting new clients is expensive and difficult


Retention is a major problem


Providing the right agent tools is fragmented and complicated

LandOnEarth Platform

LandOnEarth Intelligent Matching Technology

  • Time to find a home is significantly reduced
  • No more wasted time touring  bad search results
  • Agent gets extensive buyer insights
  • Increased buyer satisfaction


LandOnEarth Home Buying Platform

  • Creates a collaborative relationship between buyers and agents
  • Reduces agents’ cost of customer acquisition and ramp up time
  • Extensive buyer data is leveraged to provide insights into buyer intent
  • Brokers can leverage technology to enhance agent recruitment and retention


The Solution

HomeMatch Technology + ChatGPT

Generative AI Home Match Narrative

Over 6.5 M Feature & Lifestyle Combinations

Proprietary Match Percentile

Unique Match Percentile per Variable & Lifestyle Features

Market Size

Global Real Estate Market

$290 Tr/Yr







US Broker Population


11.5 Times people move in US

US Real Estate Market

$32 Tr/Yr







US Age Population


LandOnEarth Network Effects

  • Network effects amplify value, making each user’s experience more valuable to others, driving product/service growth.
  • In the digital realm, network effects offer the strongest defense and value creation, alongside brand, embedding, and scale.

Market Opportunity (Revenue Model: SaaS)

Management Team

Mario Corona| CEO

  • Mario is an experienced entrepreneur working in the Real Estate Industry for the past 25 years
  • He specializes in new product development and marketing, focusing on frictionless innovation through technology
  • Mario has developed or partnered with other developers to commercialize over 2,500 lots in the US and Mexico

German Rodriguez| CTO

  • German is a versatile and experienced technology leader, managing multi-disciplinary teams across time zones and languages
  • For 20 years he has designed and implemented complex, highly reliable and scalable systems for major international retail chains, airlines and financial stock markets
  • German brings a wide technology scope to LandOnEarth, with a strong background on infrastructure, middleware, security, automation and cloud architectures among others

Amie Paxton| Director of Marketing

  • Amie is a creative, revenue-driven brand and marketing strategist who is passionate about building strategies and experiential platforms that drive highly-targeted brand engagement and customer acquisition
  • Amie has spent 20+ years working with the world’s top brands such as Walmart and Dell, transforming their position in the marketplace
  • She now brings her extensive digital and brand experience to the real estate and prop tech industry

Jeff Eversman| CFO

  • Jeff leads early-stage companies through strategic planning, forecasting, fund raising, and understanding the key metrics that will lead to their success
  • Jeff has worked with startups in Austin for the past 10 years. Most recently, he was the VP of Finance at Gravitant where he helped close a $10M Series B financing
  • He has also served as the CFO/COO of Nexersys

Rich Robison| Advisor to CTO

  • Rich is currently at META leading an engineering startup team in Austin, TX
  • Previously CTO and CPO at startup, myHouseby, his resume includes CTO | Co-Founder of InPharmics, a pharmacy analytics company, which was acquired by Omnicell in 2017
  • In 2015 he helped Amazon open their Austin office and built successful new teams from inception for’s  supply chain optimization initiative. Rich has spent two decades in technology and across multiple domains

Michele Combs| VP of Business Development

  • Michele brings her decades of experience working with C-Level leaders on product, sales and marketing strategy
  • She brings her network and expertise working with agents/brokers/financial institutions so that LandOnEarth can identify new partnerships and strengthen our opportunity to create new distribution paths

Frank Sandoval| Head of Design and UX

  • Frank brings over a decade of Silicon Valley design and UX experience to LandOnEarth
  • He has led efforts to transform how users interact with industries like transportation, real estate, event management, and tech
  • Through design, Frank bridges the distance between business goals and user expectation for B2C and B2B solutions
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