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oVio Technologies is seeking +/-$21 million (management and outside investors have invested $12.3 million prior to this round) to further develop innovative, robotic, 360-degree imaging technologies for medical imaging and AI screening, identity management, and law enforcement. Uses of funds: research, development, sales, and marketing.

  • Unified biometric capture and rendering platform for global government and corporate identity management, security, prisons/criminal justice, fintech, medical/telemedicine, and AR/VR/3D applications
  • Proven and proprietary technology – patents (issued and pending) and trademarks; Class I medical device
  • Strong U.S. market – skin screening (over $19 billion), identity management (over $129 billion); and aesthetics (over $25 billion)
  • Revenue generating – creditworthy customer contracts in-place and in-process
  • Strong management team in technology, marketing and sales
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Helping Great Companies Grow


Commercial Legacy skin imaging technology is antiquated (devices have limited diagnostics and lack 360-degree capabilities) – but has high demand and underserved markets.

  • Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. – around 3.6 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year (more than all other cancers combined)
  • When detected early the 5-year survival rate for melanoma is around 99%; annual cost of treating skin cancer in the US is at least $8 billion (59% nonmelanoma, 41% melanoma)
  • Global aesthetics imaging market is expected to reach $320 billion by 2030 (CAGR of 14.3%)
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Prison inmate identification is outdated – but has huge market potential.

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oVio Technologies creates image-centric data files that improve AI, machine learning, and computer vision technologies – makes people and machines smarter!

  • Solves legacy imaging problems and limitations using robotics and advanced learning technologies
  • Creates rich, 360-degree still and video image files quickly
  • Primary market segments – skin screening; identification; and aesthetics
  • Further market segments – immigration; school safety; identity management/facial recognition; military security; and digital twin creation
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Creates image-centric data files that improve machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and computer vision technologies.

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Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Unified biometric capture and rendering platform for global government and corporate identity management, security, prisons/criminal justice, fintech, medical/telemedicine, and AR/VR applications
  • Integrated hardware and software ecosystem – software suite manages centering, capture, filing, storage, and indexing; open API enables integration with partner databases and systems
  • Modular platform to accommodate complex technologies and future enhancements
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  • Target market – lesions and moles; burn severity and recovery; bed sore tracking; and vascular issues
  • oVio’s 360 degree, AI-powered lesion detection, dermAId – setting a higher new standard for early cancer detection
  • Market entry strategy
    • medical diagnosis device as a value-added process – operation excellence and cost efficiency
    • usage-based pricing – revenues scale with usage and market size, lower upfront cost to provider
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  • oVio 360-degree scan for physician assessment
  • Neural network analysis – approximately 10x more accurate than human eye
  • Non-suspicious pigmented lesions (NSPL) and Ulcerative Dermatitis (UD) scores indicated for each lesion
  • Future applications – burns, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and lumps
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Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Software solution – integrates with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software
  • Catalogues body parts – easy to select area to analyze
  • dernAld classifies burn – estimated time to heal; recommended treatment
  • Documents medical results and physician comments
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“oVio is the clear leader in this space.
Hardware competitors lack 360-degree capabilities and have limited diagnostics.”
– The John Hopkins University

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“oVio’s 360 full body imaging incorporating soft biometrics (scars, marking, and tattoo) recognition presents an opportunity
to revolutionize law enforcement. There are currently no similar products on the market and no direct competitors.”
– The John Hopkins University

  • Optimizes law enforcement searches by powerful 360 degree still and video images; expedites ability to identify subject from all angles; more accurately identifies subjects with virtual lineups
  • Monitor and record prison population – including gang affiliations and changes in appearance; scars, marks, and tattoos (SMT) captured and indexed; AI/computer vision identification and assessment of SMT image data
  • Reduces administrative and processing time – captures relevant image data in as little as 4 seconds; requires little training for begin subject entry; biometrics can be saved in subject profile
  • Active collaborations – AWS/Amazon Government Service; and Lenovo
  • Suitable environments – Prison Management; Armed Forces ID; Borders/Immigration; Refugee Processing; Employee Registration; Transportation Security; and Homeland Security
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  • Target market – face, body and hair restoration
  • 360-degree high resolution capture and top-down capture of hair – artifact-free lighting; head, torso, and selectable view of body
  • 360 video – enhances understanding of skin and nerve function before/after surgery
  • Workshop – full suite of past-capture tools such as before/after stills and videos; tagging by procedure; cloud-driven accessibility and sharing; sequential video viewing; image annotating and cropping; interoffice permissions
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George Rebensdorf – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Over 39 years of executive management and advisory focused on corporate finance, merger and acquisition transactions. Currently, CEO of oVio Technologies (co-founded in 2015); Managing Partner, Implicit Care (predecessor of oVio Technologies); and President, The Rebensdorf Group (TRGI), a boutique investment banking and corporate finance advisory firm. Previously served as Managing Partner at E/W Capital, a mid-market investment advisory firm; Senior Vice President at Midcom Communications; and General Partner at Telenational Communications (TNCL). Authored numerous publications. JD, Creighton University School of Law. BA (magna cum laude) English, Arizona State University.

Theodore Edmund Gagliano – Co-Founder and Director

Over 32 years of strategic management, planning, operations and talent recruitment within the entertainment industry. Currently, Director at oVio Technologies; and Feature Film/TV Consultant, 20th Century Fox. Previously served as President, Post-Production at 20th Century Fox. Life-Time Achievement Award, Hollywood Post-Production Alliance. Board Member, Princeton University Triangle Club; and Board of Advisors Member, UCLA Department of Neurosurgery. Honorary PhD, Anglica Ruskin University (UK). BA in Comparative Literature, Princeton University.

Brian A. Middleton – Chief Financial Officer

Over 12 years of experience in global financial management and oversight within the infrastructure and logistics sector. Subject matter expert (SME) and Primary Point of Contact (POC) for profitability reporting at FedEx Express – oversees the global air and road network and manages over $1 billion in expense allocation each month. Awarded Key to the City of Memphis in 2014. Member of the Project Management Institute. Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. MBA Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School.

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Opportunity – Skin Screening and Aesthetics
Competitive Advantages
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Opportunity – Skin Screening and Aesthetics
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Opportunity – Prison Identification
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dermAId – AI/ML Skin Screening
dermAID – Mole Detection
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Skin Screening Landscape – Market Leader
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