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Real Estate Fund Manager


$40 Million

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InCommercial Capital Corporation (ICC or the Sponsor) is seeking to leverage approximately $40 million of partner capital with a $40 million credit facility to acquire properties while ICC raises capital from HNW investors.

ICC manages several funds of high-quality NNN lease, single-tenant retail properties.

Proposed facility along with partner capital will provide financing to ICC’s funds, which will issue bridge notes to secure the facility

Security will include the capital raised as well as all of the sponsor’s income streams, including management fees, acquisition fees and carried interest

Predominantly single tenant necessity-based retailers and/or strong credit businesses such as automotive supply, dollar stores, discount retailers, medical clinics, gas stations and similar properties



ICC is launching two new funds – InCommercial Motor Fuel II LP and InCommercial BTS (“Build-to-Suit”) I LP

  • InCommercial Motor Fuel II – seeking $100 million in equity to acquire and manage a portfolio of independent retail motor fuel outlets via sale-leaseback transactions
  • InCommercial BTS (“Build-to-Suit”) I LP – seeking $50 million to acquire, develop, lease and sell “build -to-suit” properties, predominantly retail, quick service restaurants and specialty medical use facilities

ICC believes bridge financing is the most favorable option to accumulate assets and commence developments while investor capital raising is in process, which they believe may in turn facilitate fundraising

Solution / Strategy


Sponsor currently manages a fund that provides bridge financing through ICC to its other funds, enabling them to acquire attractive properties while they are raising capital

The funds issue notes to the Sponsor and can be repaid from 1) capital raised; 2) fund cash flow; and 3) sale of fund assets, which ICC is entitled to do in its sole discretion

The proposed facility is intended to facilitate the launch of the two new funds – InCommercial Motor Fuel II LP and InCommercial BTS I LP, but also be available to provide bridge financing to the Sponsor’s other funds

The facility is expected to be secured by all of the notes to the individual funds – the facility will not be secured by or be senior to any mortgage loans to the underlying property assets – typically leveraged at 50-65% LTC



Erik Conrad, Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO of InCommercial and has led real estate companies for over 20 years. Over 22 years of licensed real estate brokerage experience as well as involvement in over 2,000 net-leased real estate transactions. Former board member of the Chicago chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Organization. Has owned and operated multiple real estate asset classes such as retail, multi-family, hospitality and office space and continues to hold a financial interest in every active partnership overseen by InCommercial. BA, Biology and Psychology, Northwestern University.

Tiffany Fraley, Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer of InCommercial and brings over 20 years of real estate industry experience. In addition to property management background, a licensed real estate managing broker. MBA, Belmont University. BBA, Austin Peay State University.

James Shaw, President

Brings over 40 years of experience involving the acquisition, financing, management, disposition, and brokerage of investment real estate properties with aggregate value of more than $4.5 billion. Has garnered substantial experience and expertise regarding office buildings, retail properties, multifamily properties, warehouse- distribution facilities, hospitality properties, large-scale student housing properties, country clubs and marinas. Focuses on designing and implementing capital market strategy. Recipient of the 2007 ACE Award from TICA (now ADISA) for excellence in professional performance and ethics.

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