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Integrated Healthcare

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Digital Health


$10 million

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Hole Medical Inc., a virtual health company using Integrated AI, is seeking $10m prior to its go public listing.


  • Diversified growing group of entities with Fortune 500 clients such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, GSK etc


  • Experienced management team capable of operating public vehicle, assembling partnerships and conducting acquisitions


  • Hole Medical utilizes Artificial Intelligence AI to deliver digital healthcare services on a validated ISO platform for Canadian medical services and will be expanding to the US next


  • This round is partially backstopped from a strategic investor


  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are approximately 1.25 billion ambulatory care visits in the United States per year. These can be screened and prioritized by AI to optimize patient treatment, reduce wait times and maximize patient outcomes. At least 30% of these visits could be treated through enhanced AI driven telehealth and, as such, the estimated annual market opportunity is approximately $17 billion


  • A 2014 NACHC report found that 62 million individuals in the United States have no or inadequate access to primary care as a result of local physician shortages. According to a 2014 Merritt Hawkins study, the average lead time to see a primary care physician across various metro areas was 19 days. By using AI digital diagnostics of doctor/patient interaction, we will improve!


  • Physicians face declining compensation paired with diminishing productivity due to a combination of reimbursement cuts and an increasing administrative burden. A survey shows that 81% of physicians describe themselves as either over-extended or at full capacity and another surveys shows that 50% of all physicians do not feel fairly compensated


  • Hole Medical’s integrated AI will assist healthcare professionals consulting, diagnosing and prescribing care to patients. The key technologies allow virtual walk-in clinic patients to see online healthcare providers 24/7, from any remote location. This allows remote communities or long-term care homes to provide timely care to their patient populations with no long wait times. Hole Medical’s products facilitate patient intake and connection with an approved roster of HCP’s and specialist referrals


  • Hole Medical’s Virtual Clinic’s advanced AI features allow healthcare providers to manage their time more effectively, resulting in an increase in the total number of patient visits per workday. Physicians can focus on providing the best possible care to their patients instead of dealing with administrative tasks


  • Hole Medical’s virtual medical platforms such as Health Validated and Verified Virtual Video portals never charge the patient a fee or charge a physician any rev-share; the doctor keeps 100% of fees billed


  • Physicians accesses and updates patient medical records to ensure effective continuity of care; Hole Medical’s ON-it product makes it easier for doctors to add new patients by transferring records seamlessly. Information can be downloaded and exported into an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for easy record-keeping and better coordination among the clinical team


Tom Bryson, CEO

Bryson has 30 years’ experience in executive positions in Health & Wellness, CPG, Packaging, Manufacturing, and Design of Healthcare Delivery Systems. He has been a delegate on Canadian International Trade Missions for over 20 years and has successfully established greenfield operations in Canada, Mexico, and the USA. Previously, he served as management for a public entity

Richard Tytus, Co-founder, Medical Director

He is currently a director of the Ontario Medical Association and sits on the national Virtual Medicine Task Force for clinical practice guidelines. In 2019, authored the chapter titled, “Emerging Technologies and Virtual Medicine in Obesity Management”. Other past roles include director of the Canadian Medical Association; president of the Hamilton Academy of Medicine; Co-chair of the Virtual Care Working Group; Member of the Ontario Physician eHealth Council

Mark Tytus, CTO

Over 20 years’ experience leading digital projects with a specialization in healthcare and clinical trial recruitment. Received a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Guelph

Frank Kordy, Corporate Secretary

Currently serves as the Secretary and as a Director of Bluesky Digital Assets Corp and of Advantagewon Oil Corp. He has assisted numerous publicly traded companies in both Canada and the United States with their business development, corporate communication, corporate disclosure, corporate financing, management, marketing and investor relations endeavors

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