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  • EBY is seeking $6 million to scale
  • $5 million ARR, 8,000+ 5-star reviews, 100% YoY growth
  • Direct-to-consumer subscription women’s intimate apparel company that delivers killer product and purpose in a box
  • A women’s intimate apparel empowerment brand co-founded by Renata Black and Sofia Vergara
  • VC-backed, female-founded, Hispanic-led, body-inclusive brand
  • 10% of proceeds to empower women out of poverty and into busines
EBY Overview
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    • Closed 25% of its doors
    • The decline of Victoria’s Secret has created a market share opportunity in this lucrative $13 billion space
  • The intimates market is strongly shifting to online, with industry titans acquiring online companies to achieve relevance
    • PVH – Buys True&Co. online intimates brand
    • WACOOL – Buys start-up Lively for $85 million
    • DELTA  GALIL – Buys online brand Bare Necessities
  • “The Intimates  digital space  currently represents  the fastest-growing  segment in our  industry.” — CEO, Isaac Dabah Delta Galil, Global Intimates Manufacturer
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  • EBY delivers best-in-class underwear to  women once every three months
    • Due to the feminine lifecycle of a woman, underwear becomes a replenishable product for women
    • There is no need to go to the store for a product that women do not try on in stores – ecommerce is the ideal channel
  • EBY’s seamless product is the best in  its class with its no-slip grip flocking  technology – an application that is  traditionally used on athletic gear is  used on the product enabling it to move  with women throughout the day
  • Women create relationships with brands that are an extension of their beliefs. There is increased demand for authentic purpose-driven brands. EBY gives 10% of its proceeds to empower women out of poverty and into business via microfinance
  • Deepak Chopra is EBY’s exclusive content partner providing tools that enable women to become the best version of themselves. EBY’s women empowerment programs add value at every touch point and set EBY apart from its competitors
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Renata Mutis Black

Co-Founder & CEO

Renata Mutis Black created EBY, a women’s  empowerment brand with the social mission of empowering  women out of poverty through microfinance, in 2018  alongside fellow co-founder and actress Sofia Vergara.  Started in microfinance in 2005 while studying under Nobel  Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. Following her  work with Professor Yunus, Deepak Chopra wrote a  chapter about Renata in his book entitled “The Soul of  Leadership”. Renata has spoken about entrepreneurship, female  empowerment and women in business at numerous  institutions including the United Nations, MIT and Harvard  Business School. Featured in the WSJ, Forbes, InStyle and  Tech Crunch. Named in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “100  Most Brilliant Companies”.

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