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TENEX is seeking $5 million to launch a regulated and compliant Web3 digital asset marketplace providing utmost security and reliability to exchange participants. Forstmann & Co. (“F&Co”) has partnered with Fred Grede to establish the first non-auction, transactional exchange for both  individual and institutional buying and selling digital assets, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and derivatives (options)

TENEX is creating a new exchange to offer a platform for customers to easily purchase and trade digital assets that have an intrinsic, comparative value. F&Co is a merchant bank focused on partnering with companies that “deliver large magnitudes of change” and has a proven track record in the financial services industry and investment community 

• Launched one of the earliest hedge funds in the United States in 1967  (Forstmann-Leff) and was the first to raise money from pension funds

• Launched the 2nd private equity and leverage buyout fund (Forstmann-Little)

• Founding investor in Instinet, which is still the standard for electronic equities trading today

• Early investor in Symbol Technologies, which made barcode an industry standard globally.






Management Team

Fred Grede



Seasoned exchange and finance executive at regulated exchanges in the US, both public and private organizations

Recently served as Federally appointed Bankruptcy Trustee in the matter of Sentinel Management Group, recovering and distributing over $800 million in assets for affected customers

Served as CEO of Bcause, LLC, a crypto currency mining operation and exchange

Executive Vice President of Operations for the Chicago Board of Trade, former CEO of the Hong Kong Futures Exchange and Chief Operating Officer of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, HKEX, the publicly listed Exchange of Hong Kong

Served as Chairman of Vega Financial Engineering, an international financial consultancy with various Asian exchange clients

Graduated with a degree in Finance from the University of Illinois, earned a Law Degree from DePaul University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

J. Anthony Forstmann



Serves as the Chairman of the Investment Committee and Managing Partner of Forstmann & Co. Inc. Provides leadership, strategy and guidance for the firm’s overall decisions

Founded Forstmann-Leff & Associates, one of the original hedge funds in the US, in 1967, serving as investment advisor to pension funds. By 1985, the firm managed over $5 billion of assets under management (“AUM”)

Notable companies with assets under managements included: Intel, Pfizer, Standard Oil of Indiana, The Pension Guarantee Corp, The Ford Family, Northrop, Honeywell, Lockheed, Northwest Airlines, Knight Ridder, Delta Airlines, Texas Instruments, Raychem, Studebaker, Chrysler, Commercial Credit, MCA Universal, the City of New York, the State of Minnesota, the State of Maine, Holy Cross University, and the Archdiocese of New York

Forstmann-Leff & Associates achieved an average compounded yearly gain of 22% and outperformed all other firms monitored by Investment Manager Profiles in the Balanced Account category

The firm was one of the nation’s most prosperous investment firms, with a consistent, long term performance record that is still admired by their clients and other financial firms

Continued his career as one of the founding members and the original investor for Forstmann Little & Co., one of the first leveraged buyout and private equity firms in the US, which became one of the largest financial firms globally

Served as a Board of Director to companies, including but not limited to: Pullham Companies, Home Shopping Network, Community Health Services, ABC Citadel Broadcasting

Serves on the Leadership Council for the Yale School of Public Health

Graduate of Yale University and Columbia Business School.

Richard Thompson

Technology Partner and DAIR CEO


Chief Executive Officer Digital AIR, founded with the vision of unifying the immense power and scalability of modern cloud databases with cutting-edge software to overcome technological challenges faced by enterprises today

Over 25 years of experience directing the development of world-class institutional financial systems and pioneering the next generation of “cloud” technology

Experience in launching FX and derivatives platforms; acknowledged as one of the leading quantitative IT architects in finance

Attended Cornell University for a program in Mathematics and Applied and Engineering Physics. Master Programs in computer science at NJIT and Master Financial Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Tyler Thurmond

Global Head of Technology


Accelerated ~70 ventures at various stages in the business life cycle, including a multitude of iconic companies and Captains of Industry in the Energy Transition, DeFi, AI/ML, and Global Media

Participated and directly lead a variety of complex transactions with an aggregate value of $300M

As a nonlinear domain SME, possesses a keen awareness of public-private partnership opportunities across the spectra of emerging technology research.

Kevin Fallon 

Chief of Strategy

35 + years of Derivative & OTC Experience

Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, Proprietary Trader, Market Making & Sales

Developer Systematic Trading System incorporating AI

8 years Cryptocurrency trading experience & BTC mining; 14 years CME Group OTC Pricing & Settlement, Product Development, Market Regulation & Trade Support Fixed Income SME

Former Director Product Development, digital Currency Exchange & Mining Startup; Former Chief Risk Officer Chicago Digital Holdings Digital Asset Exchange (CDX) Startup

Graduated with a degree in Economics from Marquette University, earned a MS in Finance from University of Creighton and a MS in Computer Science (AI) from Knowledge Systems Institute.

Martin Mooney 



Serves as the President for Forstmann & Co. and oversees the Company’s operations, including strategy, sales, and financial reporting, as well as participates in key strategic initiatives for the Company

Has worked with businesses ranging from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar international corporations and served as a CFO for multiple private equity-backed businesses in the software and retail sectors and served as CFO for a start-up in the education industry

As a private equity investor, served on the board of businesses in the consumer products, businesses services, digital marketing and restaurant sectors

Earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

William Attinger 

Head of Corporate Development

Serves as a Managing Director of Forstmann & Co

Co-Founder and serves as Investment Strategist for Global Trust Group, a private association of industry experts who are collaborating to help grow and monetize a portfolio of innovative, high-growth companies with capital and operational expertise

Formerly an investment banker for Morgan Stanley

Earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and his Master’s Degree in Finance from the University of Alabama.


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