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$10 Million

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Oncogenesis is seeking to $10 million of equity and debt to fulfill its mission to prevent death from cervical  cancer globally

Provides access to screening for cervical disease and cancer to women globally with a more cost-effective, rapid, laboratory-free test that transcends all cultural and logistical barriers

In 2020, the cervical cancer screening market for HPV and/or Pap testing (cytology) methods was approximately $23 billion globally (an estimated 275 million tests per year), while the number of women who should be screened is 3.4 billion globally

The World Health Organization estimated that in 2018 more than 300,000 women died of cervical cancer, and more than 500,000 are newly diagnosed each year

Brings testing to the patient, reducing complexity, cost, and mitigating reluctance to be screened


The Covid-19 pandemic spawned an explosion in the use of telehealth (telemedicine) and “virtual care” to render care without the need for in-office, face-to-face medical encounters which presented increased cross- infection rates

Even though there has been significant progress in reducing the cervical cancer death rate in developed countries using HPV and liquid-based cytology (LBC) testing, there is a significant need for an accurate cervical cancer worldwide screening test

Solution/ Strategy

OncoGenesis has created a multi-innovation breakthrough in cervical cancer screening through two products:

iPap is a patented cervical cell self-collector, and the world’s first and only self-collection device that captures  cervical cells adequate for cytologic analysis (aka, the Pap Test).

Improves convenience and access to cervical cancer screening for women reluctant or unable to visit a clinic, or in telehealth care delivery via “direct-2-consumer” delivery models

Provides the required cervical specimen for HPV/LBC co-testing and ACOG guideline compliance

Increases cervical cancer screening compliance by making the process more convenient

Improves clinical/provider efficiency ensuring results are available before a clinic or telehealth visit

Reduces time and cost for results by eliminating a return visit if the specimen is HPV positive (reflex to cytology)

The Difference

CerMark system replaces the laboratory’s subjective and costly practice of screening for dysplasia (disease).  Detects the presence of the human papillomavirus (HPV) and HPV-induced transformation and cervical disease  progression in a single, rapid screen – improving clinical outcomes and reducing cancer-related deaths

Enables rapid and simple yes/no reporting for biomarker/disease determination on a microfluidic cartridge at the point-of-care

Detects disease (cancer and pre-cancer) of the cervix, not just the presence of HPV in the vaginal canal as current HPV-testing provides

Can bypass the need for a centralized laboratory and be brought closer to the patient (i.e., mobile clinic) to support “see and treat” paradigms

Lower total cost of sample patient screening than HPV and Cytology

Included  in the kit:

  • iPap® self-collector
  • Liquid Preservative & Vial
    • i.e. ThinPrep®, Surepath®, proprietary, etc.
  • Lab-Addressed, postage-paid return packaging
  • Instructions for Use with support phone number






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