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Looptworks is seeking +/-$59 million (excluding management and outside investor investment of $7.73 million), to build two clean brownfield WTV (waste-to-value) textile facilities to convert low-value consumer textiles into high-value yarn feedstock and fiber for re-use.

  • Facility 1 (in process, Oregon) – $27 million, including working capital and transaction costs (Phase 1 – Funded; Phase 2 – $8 million; Phase 3 – $17.6 million); Facility 2 (planned US-East Coast) – $29 million, including working capital and transaction costs; total (Facility 1+2) waste textile design capacity of 92.5 million pounds per year
  • Proven and proprietary technology – long-term exclusive North American licenses and pending patents enabling significantly lower capex and operating costs than peers
  • Large, creditworthy supply and customer agreements
  • Global recycled fiber market is over $350 billion and expanding rapidly reflecting recent government policies in the EU that are being adopted in the U.S.
  • Experienced management team in the global apparel industry – sustainable supply chain, textile innovation, material, fiber and yarn development, reverse logistics, and circular solutions

To Join Looptworks on its journey to Textile & Apparel Circularity for a positive impact on the world!

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Helping Great Companies Grow


Textile waste is a global problem – overproduction and consumption has widespread negative environmental and socio-economic consequences – but presents compelling financial opportunities.

  • Overproduction –15 million tonnes of textile waste was generated in the US during 2020; only 15% of textile waste was recovered and less than 1% recycled into new clothing in 2020
    • significant technical and cost barriers inhibit recovery; for example, current technology limits recycle of cotton-related textile waste to around 20%
  • Overconsumption – average consumer buys 60% more pieces of clothing than 15 years ago and keeps them for half as long
    • brands are shifting to cheaper, lower cost garments to maximize profits; about 25% of garments remain unsold
  • Underutilization – consumers do not use what they buy; 85% of textile waste ended up in landfills in 2020
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Use natural resources more efficiency and sustainability – for climate change, health, and biodiversity.

  • Textile-to-textile recycling – scale collection and sorting, and infrastructure – reduces textile waste from entering landfill or incinerator
  • Consumers reduce textile consumption – embrace new circular approaches to fashion
  • Brands design for durability and circularity – new, holistic approaches to fashion (such as longevity and recyclability)
  • Cross-border collaboration – robust, mutually beneficial relationships across the fashion value chain are essential to mobilize action
  • Industry standardization and universal definitions – government legislation can help to regulate industry standards for investors and consumers to navigate and compare brand efforts
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Looptworks aims to eliminate global textile waste while inspiring people and businesses to reduce their impact on the planet by providing cost-neutral, zero-waste to landfill solutions for some of the world’s largest brands and their supply chains.

  • Downcycle – reduces textile waste by recycling discarded textiles
  • Circularity – recycles discarded textile waste into upcycled saleable yarns and fibers
  • Flexible and modular – scalable well-position for international expansion (Europe and southeast Asia)
  • Supply agreements (in-place) – Looptworks is paid for taking old clothing at specified price and volumes, but pays for higher quality feedstocks
  • Off-take agreements (in-process) – two types 1) non-woven fibers (autos and housing) and 2) spinning fiber (clothing)
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Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Separates cotton from polyester at the fiber level and de-colors polyester
  • Unique output for creating recycled viscose yarn, recycled staple polyester fiber, recycled polyester filament fiber, and recycled cotton fiber
  • Looptworks holds the exclusive North American license with rights to sublease for 20 years
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Helping Great Companies Grow


Helping Great Companies Grow


Scott Hamlin – Founder and Chief Executive Officer  

Over 32 years of strategic brand positioning and management, innovative product creation and sustainable supply chain, marketing and sales for global organizations. In 2009, founded Looptworks as a DTC and B2B brand and industry solution for turning excess materials into upcycled products. Previously served as Global Director of Merchandising, Design and Development for Royal Robbins, Outdoor Apparel and Gear; Director of Design for Jockey International; President and Managing Director for adidas Latin America; Director of Marketing and Sales for adidas Argentina; International Project Manager for adidas International; and International Product Line Manager for adidas Equipment. Advisory Board (founding member) – University of Oregon Sports Product Management Industry. Mentor and Supervisor – De La Salle High School Corporate Work Study Program. BA in Journalism, University of Oregon. Studies in Business Administration and Marketing, California State Polytechnic University.

Suzy Off – Chief Operations Officer

Over 25 years of operations and marketing experience within the textile industry. Currently, Chief Operating Officer at Looptworks; joined in 2022 as Operations and Marketing Director. Provided market consulting services to Gorge Global. Previously served as Product Creation Director – Socks, Rapid Response Director, Product Line Manager, and Retail Apparel Buyer for NIKE; and General Manager for CHAMPS SPORTS. Steering Committee Member for the Oregon Golf Association Women’s Interclub Play; and Chair for LPGA Amateurs Portland Match Play. BS in Business Management, Arizona State University.

Tami Bringman – Fractional Chief Financial Officer

Over 16 years of accounting experience within the manufacturing and textile industry. Joined Looptworks in 2023 as Factional Chief Financial Officer. Owner of Bringman Consulting LLC (fractional CFO services). Previously served as Chief Financial Officer and Controller for SKT2 (dba Kagwerks); Controller for Custom Interface; Controller for CloudOne; Corporate Controller for The Institute for Professional Care Education; Director of Financial Administration for VTM Group; Controller for SagaCity Media; Assistant Controller for Sunlight Supply; Controller for Evergreen Helicopters; Staff Auditor for Symonds Evans & Co; and Accountant for Milroy Golf Systems. Events Committee, Heron Lakes League Co-Chair, and Assistant Director – Events for LPGA Amateur Golf Association. MBA and BA in Accounting, George Fox University.

Kelley Purdy – Vice President, Sales and Business Development

Over 43 years of experience in the sporting goods apparel industry with expertise in product construction, league partnerships, retail relationships, supply chain management, sustainability efforts from RSL to recycled fabrics, circularity, and carbon footprint management. Joined Looptworks in 2021 as Vice President – Marketplace. Previously served as Global Product Licensing Director, Senior Product Line Director – Basketball Apparel, Category Product Director – Kid’s Apparel, and Team Apparel Business Director for Nike, Inc; and Head Merchandiser, Buyer, and Director for Footlocker, Inc. BS in Marketing, Florida Southern College.

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