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eCommerce Platform


$5 Million

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ITALEAU is seeking $5 million of equity to grow its consumer lifestyle platform, bringing everyday luxury (apparel and home) products made in Italy to its customers at affordable prices.

Significant revenue growth: $1.3 million in 2020; $4.3 million in 2021; $7.9 million in 2022

Launched in 2017; based in Sausalito, California

Works directly with an expanding network of production facilities in Italy, skipping intermediaries and gatekeepers


Consumers are over-paying for high-quality products due to (materials, craftsmanship, functionality, sustainability) inefficiencies in the supply-chain

Total export of apparel-only consumer goods from Italy is $5.5 billion

Significant expansion opportunities

  • consumer channels (men and children)
  • geographies (Canada, Asia, Europe, Far East)
  • delivery channels (own-retail, wholesale retailers, catalogues)
  • countries of origin (expand to additional EU countries)


  • Focus on essentials (products with a high usage frequency) and not short-term trends or special-occasion products


  • High quality and the allure of Italy


  • Work with the actual manufacturers, skipping intermediaries


  • Retail directly to consumers, skipping resellers


  • Target competitive consumer prices and attractive margins


Philippe Colmant – Founder & CEO

  • Seasoned entrepreneur with dual expertise in luxury products distribution and software design and architecture
  • Brings 20+years of operational and leadership acumen in building/leading domestic and international operations and talent pools across all eCommerce / wholesale business functions including luxury goods design, manufacturing and distribution, supply-chain operations, software architecture and digital marketing
  • Founder & CEO of Junbesi Group, Inc., a multi-million-dollar distribution platform for luxury brands manufactured in Italy and sold to department stores and retailers nationwide
  • Held Software development and management positions at Microsoft
  • Master’s in Electrical Engineering and Automation with a thesis in AI from Polytechnic Faculty of Mons, Belgium.
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