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$5 Million

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AcademyOne is seeking $5 million to expand marketing, sales and growth to scale the current platforms and client relationships. Annual revenue run rate is expected to hit $3 million in 2023.


  • Thought leader in higher education, with 15 years of experience and track record


  • Strong, experienced management team that navigated COVID – preparing for the next growth phase


  • 80% of AcademyOne’s recurring revenue is funded by governments seeking to improve colleges and universities


  • Developed a suite of products addressing how learners transition with prior learning, navigating, and comparing institutional offerings, serving advising functions, enrollment, pathways to completion processes, transfer of credit, prior learning assertions and recognition


Over $1 trillion is spent annually on education and training in the US alone, spanning thousands of organizations, millions of people, and varied business practices and methods. This makes it difficult to compare and value learning experiences and achievements


  • Student churn is a major factor impacting enrollment services and the technology institutions utilize


  • Recognition of prior learning achievements, skills, competencies and knowledge is a growing expectation across the eco-system. Data systems abstract the details limiting how institutions can automate the assessment process with current tools


  • Learners’ cross respective institutional boundaries tax administrative and academic resources supporting advising, enrollment and academic records


  • Governance agencies overseeing colleges and universities are stepping in to coordinate the creation of standard practices and transferability across the institutions they govern


  • The average student spends an extra semester to finish degree requirements because of the lack of current information


  • Launch institutional sales team to promote AcademyOne’s product line addressing the institutional challenges of supporting an ever-growing population of mobile learners


  • Stress the connections between institutions, improving workflows and shared infrastructure and data, reducing the cost of implementation and ongoing maintenance


  • Adopt and promote best practices supported by video testimonials, case studies and white papers demonstrating how enrollment services can improve as student persistence grows


  • Connect two-to-four-year institutions using AcademyOne products to share in the setup and maintenance of degree rules and checklists


  • Promote machine learning, AI and big data use cases within the AcademyOne’s products, including inferred transferability


David K. Moldoff Founder and CEO 

  • Impacted numerous higher education institutions throughout career. Spent the last four decades launching and running technology companies and building reputation as an industry expert in software architecture and systems integration, specifically across the education sector. Prior company, ABT (Applied Business Technologies) was acquired by SCT/Sunguard Higher Education. Committed to addressing the technological and systemic issues surrounding academic credit portability, college access and degree completion strategies.

Michael McIntyre President and COO

  • Oversees operations, marketing and sales. Began career in university administration before transitioning to the private sector, serving the higher education and corporate training marketplaces. Started two companies (Productivity Point International and Mind Crossing), driven organic sales growth, executed strategic acquisitions, formed key partnerships and sold/merged businesses.

Troy Starcher Vice President of Development

  • Involved in higher education technology for over two decades. Worked for Sunguard Higher Education and with David Moldoff as the VP of Technology at Applied Business Technology, acquired by SCT/Sunguard in 2002. Leads development team, and curates the platforms utilized by clients. Supports internal development infrastructure.

Karen Todd Vice President and General Manager for Client Service

  • Worked in the technology industry for higher education since 1988. Started in the education sector at Apple. Over fifteen years of project management experience at AcademyOne, working with clients on their wide scope transfer and articulation ventures. Vast knowledge of the higher education industry allows best practices and tailored consulting to be brought to each client, while helping to turn their needs into actionable plans, processes and solutions.
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