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  • Marquee Wireless, creator of innovative, scalable, Smart Towers is seeking to raise $10M for the deployment of wireless tower infrastructure to displace the outdated infrastructure currently used by Mobile Network Operators

  • Management team has extensive experience in wireless, cellular, networking, municipal and public venue locations, and have pioneered several successful venturesMobile market stagnation, new technology trends and the Mobile Network Operators (MNO) desire to optimize their cost has increased the opportunity for tower companies to grow their asset-based business and diversify into services

  • Over 26,000 Main Street locations under contract to lease to MNOs to assist in the quick deployment of the 4G/5G networks

  • SMARTCELLs and SMARTnodes can be networked together to provide a robust solution to Cellular and Smart City applications

  • Marquee offers 42% savings over traditional methods used by the MNO’s in installing street poles and small cells

  • MNOs are AAA+ rated companies. Securing Master Leasing Agreements from the MNO’s should enable debt financing on favorable term

  • Common industry delays may occur with real estate leases, tower manufacturing, permits and construction​​

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  • By 2023 Cellular 5G infrastructure build-out cost is estimated at $275 Billion
  • Cell carriers spend 20-30% of their revenue on cell tower leases, their most significant operating expense, giving a $55-82.5 Billion Market Value
  • Per a Research and Markets report, post the pandemic, the 5G infrastructure market is projected to rise from $12.6 billion in 2020 to $44.9 billion by 2025 (CAGR of 28.97%)
  • Cellular Tower Market dynamics: Tower ownership has increasingly been transferred from Mobile Network Operators (MNO) to Tower Companies over the last 20 years​​
  • MNOs in the U.S. have spent more than $134 billion in capital investments in the past five years
  • Towercos invest in mobile network towers, smart cell networks and associated utility and real estate rights to provide wholesale access to MNOs and other service providers  (Google, Microsoft, Netflix) on a shared basis​​
  • Wireless infrastructure provides an important element for the operations of wireless network services, including mobile networks, 5G, fixed wireless access broadband, emergency services, TV and Radio streaming, Internet of Things (IoT) and Private Mobile Radio (PMR) networks
  • For MNOs, outsourcing passive wireless infrastructure to Towercos helps to free up capital
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  • Cell towers are the physical foundation of nearly all wireless connectivity
  • Most towers reside away from city centers or downtown areas
  • Marquee Wireless has developed two aesthetically pleasing solutions to assist in the quick deployment of Cellular Networks and Smart City applications
  • Towers are installed in a single day through turn-key configurations with large capacity for added coverage range, 5G cell site and environmentally protected power plant and fiber circuits
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Dimitrios Lalos, President & CEO

A wireless leader, visionary and entrepreneur. Pioneered USA’s first ever Digital Mobile National wireless network. Conceived the idea and designed the first ever Satellite-based Mobile live TV solution, now on-board 9,000 aircraft worldwide and valued at $5B+. Raised $1.4B in vendor financing from Alcatel, Tellabs, Allen Telecom and Celwave.  Pioneered and marketed smart, active antennas, raising $30M for an Israeli start-up to finance the product line and roll-out in the US/Europe markets with first fiber-based product deployments in the California Verizon Wireless markets. Secured a contract from Boston’s MBTA with inMOTION Wireless (a company he founded), leading a large team of professionals building a 400-mile private wireless network. Sold the company Broadcast Australia (BAI). 

Terry Crowely, Executive Vice President

Sales and Marketing leader who currently has over 26,000 locations under contract.  Over 20 years of experience in the Cellular and wireless industries being one of the first Cellular retail resellers with multiple store locations in the Chicagoland area, receiving numerous awards for his efforts from multiple wireless Operators. Partner at Xtivity Solutions, a Premier Wireless Integrator (indoor/outdoor systems) specializing in Municipal and Public venue applications.  Started career as a First responder network integrator/reseller and has a Business Sales & Marketing degree from Loyola University in Chicago.

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