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$100 Million

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Equity LP


Formation Venture Engineering (FVE) is raising a $100M Fund II, expanding its successful Fund I results. $40M verbally committed and poised to capitalize on an already impressive opportunity pipeline. Scientific founders choose FVE due to its innovative and proven venture studio approach and recent track record. 


Formation Venture Engineering Fund and Foundry model:

An Evolved Venture Studio

What is a venture studio?

Venture studios create startups by incubating their own ideas or ideas from their experienced partners.  Venture studios are both a founder and investor.

How do they perform?

Venture studio startups have significantly outperformed venture capital startups, with nearly two times greater IRRs, over 3X the TVPI, with half the time to reach Series A funding.

What is the FVE Foundry Incubator?

The Foundry applies both Fund portfolio and external technologies towards high unmet needs. Successful solutions, birthed through cross-pollination evolve into independent new companies.

How is Formation Venture Engineering (FVE) evolving the Venture Studio model?

FVE invests in, founds, and reverse-engineers companies toward pre-planned exits, guided by venture engineering principles.

Vision: Values

Formation Venture Engineering aims to Reduce Human Suffering while Creating Financial Value







FVE Model

FVE Fund II’s Game-Changing, Highly Synergistic Portfolio

Leadership Team of Scientists and Entrepreneurs

AJAY VERMA General Partner, CEO FVE Foundry

  • Former Biotech executive at Biogen, Novartis, Merck, >15 years in Pharma
  • Leadership in 3 Biopharma: research, experimental medicine, clinical development
  • 15 years clinical practice, U.S. Army Neurologist, Walter Reed Med. Center
  • MD, PhD, Johns Hopkins University, BS Zoology, U. Maryland

RAHUL BHANSALI Managing Partner, CBO FVE Foundry

  • Founded/co-founded three companies in agtech, industrial safety, commodities
  • Industrial safety company achieved ~10X increase in valuation (~$60m invested + completed merger), agtech company has 9 years of profitability (15 employees)
  • 10 years in investment mgmt., project finance, hedge fund risk analytics
  • MBA Babson; BS Finance & International Business PennState

GARY MAGNANT General Partner

  • Founded/co-founded six companies in the life sciences, leading $244m ($81.1m realized & $163m unrealized) in company value creation
  • Serves on 8 company boards
  • Created the Venture Engineering model
  • MS Microbiology, Montana State; BS Biology UMass Dartmouth

W. ADAM HILL General Partner

  • Former Head of Screening at Novartis, Cambridge; 20 years in Pharma
  • Leadership in 5 Start ups, with over $200M raised
  • 5 years in VC, investing in 6 companies
  • D.Phil. Chemistry, Pharmacology, Oxford; Post-Doc Harvard & UConn

Formation Venture Engineering

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