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Personal Finance


$10 Million

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TradeZing is seeking $10 million to grow its AI powered finance hub delivering real time insights and market information to keep users informed on everything happening in finance. Democratizing access to financial information and services by expanding operations to a broader audience. Uses of proceeds: expand the platform’s capabilities, enhance visibility and user acquisition, and strengthen the sales team.


  • TradeZing provides high quality tailored content that educates and meets the needs of potential users about trading, investment strategies, market trends, while offering promotions and deals for financial services

  • Go-to destination for users to stay updated on all the daily news they can’t miss, fostering daily revisits and making it their primary source of information

  • The global fintech market is expected to grow to $325 billion and the global ‘AI in fintech’ market is expected to grow to $22 billion by 2026

  • TradeZing’s target audience makes up 1/3 of the global fintech market resulting in a $100 billion estimate TAM

  • By addressing the fear of missing out, we ensure that our target market (finance enthusiasts, traders, entrepreneurs, Gen Z, and Millennials) feel empowered and well-informed throughout their financial journeys



Executive Team

Jordan Edelson

Co-Founder & CEO

Steve Mandell

Co-Founder & VP of Strategic Partnerships

Rob Nelson

VP of Business Developments & Content

Jordan Edelson is a seasoned entrepreneur, Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, and CEO/founder of award-winning mobile digital agency Appetizer Mobile. With a track record of creating hundreds of successful mobile experiences for major brands like the NBA and FOX, has been recognized by publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. Entrepreneurial ventures include Game Broadcasting Live and eSportsTV, a platform for streaming live electronic sports and professional video gaming broadcasts.

Steve Mandell is an Entertainment Attorney specializing in high-stakes representation, sponsorship, licensing, and brand development for clients in sports, media, and entertainment. With a focus on branded programs and major corporate endorsement and sponsorship deals, has worked with numerous high-profile brands and product development for retail distribution.

Rob Nelson is a veteran talk show host who has a network of 80+ channels, including ABC, NBC, and E.  Known for thoughtful and independent style, which was praised by The Hollywood Reporter when hosted The Full Nelson on Fox News. Also co-founded Lead…or Leave, a youth movement that helped define the political landscape of the 1990s and earned recognition as one of the original spokespeople of Generation X.

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