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Client and operator have decided to start well development early – in June 2024. As a result, this Round of Financing will be open until mid-June 2024.
Our client is seeking $25 million of equity (supplementing client equity investment of $55 million) for the follow-on development of seven development wells in the Culberson and Reeves Counties (Delaware Basin/Permian Basin), Texas.

  • Client is forming a partnership with an operator and oilfield service firm to complete a 7-well development program; client will fund 90% of the capital and oilfield service firm partner will fund the remaining 10% on a pari-passu basis, collectively the “investors”; investment will follow a “DrillCo” structure (investors will fund 100% of the capital for new wells in return for 100% working interest in the wells until investors receive the greater of 135% of invested capital and an 16% IRR; once these return thresholds are achieved, the investor’s working interest will decrease to 5%)
  • Follow-on investment structure allows investors to achieve equity-like returns, while holding priority at the top of the capital structure until investment thresholds are achieved; operator and oilfield service firm have successfully drilled and completed 64 wells together since 2013 (significantly delineating the acreage and mitigating geological risk; technical design and operating procedures have been optimized, mitigating execution risk)
  • Up to ten wells will be drilled in two phases of five wells each; three-month evaluation period is planned after the first phase (allowing for measured investment after verification of operational results); as an additional benefit, this evaluation period allows for the reinvestment of early proceeds from the project ($75 million equity will be used to create over $100 million capital expenditure for drilling and completions)
  • Significant infrastructure in-place – facilitates low transportation costs and supports delivery of production to end-markets
  • Management team has deep upstream oil and gas exploration and production expertise in shale plays such as the Delaware Basin
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