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$100 Million

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We Lend® is seeking $100 million to make or purchase private (hard money) loans secured by first position liens on real property, primarily located on the East Coast.

The management team has originated 1,200+ loans, with a face value of over $478 million.

Key Facts & Figures since inception 2018 through 06/2024


There are many reasons why borrowers do not utilize traditional bank financing.

Speed and Flexibility

Traditional banks often have extensive bureaucratic processes and stringent lending criteria, which can result in lengthy approval times

Credit History or Financial Situation

Borrowers with less-than-perfect credit or unconventional financial situations may struggle to qualify for loans from traditional banks

Property Type or Use

Traditional banks may have restrictions on the types of properties they are willing to finance or the purposes for which the funds can be used

Loan Size

Traditional banks may have minimum and maximum loan size requirements that may not align with the borrower’s financing needs

Complexity of Transaction

Real estate transactions can be complex, involving multiple parties, unique structures, or non-traditional terms. Borrowers may find that alternative lenders, such as private lenders, are better equipped to handle these complexities and provide customized financing solutions

Investment Terms

$20 -$100 million of sub-tranche to support a warehouse facility in a portfolio of existing and newly originated loans

14-16% Projected Net IRR* over 2 to 3-year term (based on management’s estimates)

SPV Structure with waterfall over 1.5-year investment period:

  • Expected leverage 3:1 to significantly increase originations
  • 2% Annualized Management Fee on Equity
  • Investor’s Cash Flows: 10% preferred IRR plus 70% of excess cash flow
  • 10 % Equity kicker included for the full $100 million

Note: We Lend is flexible re: structure/economics with investor.

*A detailed financial model with assumptions and scenario analysis functionality is available upon request. Target returns are presented solely for the purpose of providing insight into the company’s objectives, detailing anticipated risk and reward characteristics, and establishing a benchmark for future evaluation of performance. Target returns are not a predictor, projection or guarantee of future performance. There can be no assurance that these targets will be met. There is no guarantee as to the company’s future performance or the adequacy of the methodology used for estimating future returns. Target returns should not be used as a primary basis for an investor’s decision to invest. 


Fund loans in as few as three days 

Borrowers use speed to their advantage when negotiating with their sellers 

Experienced investors who guide and consult the borrower through their investment process

Focus of loans with lighter rehab due to quicker turnaround and higher rate of execution

Each property’s current or potential cash flows are analyzed to ensure that it will be sufficient to cover loan and qualify for a refinance

Typical Loan Characteristics


Ruben Izgelov | Managing Partner (Co-Founder)

  • Invested in the fund
  • 15+ years of real estate experience
  • Acquired, flipped, & financed ~$600MM+ worth of real estate nationwide
  • Co-Owner and Operator of ~$15MM of Real Estate
  • JD with a focus on Real Estate Law

Moses Suleymanov | Director of Credit Analysis, Co-Founder

  • Invested in the fund
  • 11+ years of real estate experience
  • Underwrote $480MM+ in BPLs
  • Co-Owner and Operator of ~$15MM in Real Estate
  • Successfully monetized over 90+ real estate transactions worth ~$75MM+
  • St. John’s University (BA)

Solomon Suleymanov | Director of Originations, Co-Founder

  • 12+ years of real estate experience
  • Oversaw the origination of $480MM+ in BPLs
  • Successfully monetized over 90+ real estate transactions worth ~$75MM+
  • Tech enthusiast
  • Pace University
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