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Education Technology


$10 Million

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NTC Studios, a combined entity of The National Theatre for Children, Inc. (NTC) and Livestream Learning Studio (Studio), is seeking $10 million to accelerate its expansion into the K-12 edtech subscription marketplace.

Since 1978, NTC has performed in over 60,000 schools to 25 million students in the US, Australia, and New Zealand

Stable and profitable for 45 years – develops interactive multi-media content and curricular support materials in a variety of subjects delivered live in K-12 schools through theatrical all-school assemblies

Works with large corporate, non-profit and government agencies to teach important societal issues to students, their parents and educators

Studio is a new product line – edtech subscription service for grades K-12 with significant upside opportunities for US schools and the global education market

18 months developing and testing this proprietary platform and portal to deliver live interactive multi-media content and curricular support materials in a variety of subjects



Since 2020, the global pandemic has further exacerbated three of the largest concerns among K-12 districts: learning loss, teacher retention and school culture

The K-12 marketplace is enormous with over 130,000 schools in the US alone

Edtech is now estimated at $127 billion in the US and growing by 17% annually

Technology is required as a learning resource, not just a learning tool

NTC Studios’ annual school subscription model is built to be high-margin, high-growth and high-retention in the domestic and global edtech market



Drama-based pedagogy to teach, entertain and inspire

Poised to fundamentally disrupt the edtech industry by transforming the way we teach every day in every classroom

Proprietary portal and IP catalogue to accelerate learning and provide teachers and students the tools they need to succeed

NTC Studios is the only organization in the world that can deliver, at scale, thousands of live, real-time, interactive theatrical performances in both all-school assemblies and via livestreams





Earl Ward Eames III, Founder

Producer of a variety of theatre and TV productions including He lived the Good Life, national touring musical, Shakespeare in the Park, free productions of Shakespeare in Parks throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, Mad@bout, national syndicated children’s educational television program and KidzNews, video news publication for schools.

Margaret Eames, CEO/CFO

Started as an Art Director for US Communications Corporation, followed by work for NTC in design and accounting. Moved on to become Controller and  CFO with responsibility for all accounting, financial reporting, payroll functions, tax accounting, company insurance and employee benefits administration. Now an experienced CEO and architect of corporate strategy, budgeting, tactical execution and leader of the Executive Committee.

Patrick Rowan, President

Responsible for all operational aspects in producing educational programs, school assemblies, special live events, livestream events, video productions, digital activities, social media, educational curriculum, print materials, distribution and product development. Manages operational budgets, creative development, logistics, business development, staffing and resource allocation. Oversees all departments by keeping a finger on the pulse of the day-to-day operations and overall management of the organization. Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Mankato State University with a BS degree in Theatre Arts and Communication.

Christopher Eames, CRO

Develops the brand positioning and go-to-market strategies for Studio. Has led teams of motivated and high-integrity sales and marketing professionals for over 30 years driving $billions in cross-platform revenue for media companies, including ESPN and Turner Broadcasting. Purposeful sales and marketing leader, delivering strong revenue results while building customer relationships, corporate partnerships, brand awareness and goodwill. Executive Master’s degree in Sports Management from Fox School of Business at Temple University and BS in Economics from Emory University.

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