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Company Type

Manufacturing/ Nanotechnology


$50 Million

Investment Type

Reg D


Seeking $50 million to support the growth and commercialization of engineered nanocarbon products – a new set of materials set to disrupt multiple billion-dollar markets in SEMICONDUCTORS and ENERGY

The underlying company, Nano-C, is a developer and manufacturer of advanced materials and chemicals

The company grew out of a research program at MIT and is engaged with global technology companies for their next generation products

The team has spent the past decade perfecting industrial scale manufacturing and downstream processing of two principal nanocarbon products: Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNT) and Fullerenes

58 US patents leading to over 250 patents worldwide

Commercial Scale
Manufacturing Assets in Westwood, MA

Engineered Nanocarbon and Specialty Chemicals


Semiconductor Manufacturing. Next generation chip manufacturing tools cost $150 to $400 million—requiring materials that can increase revenue generated per tool

Semiconductor Advanced Computing. There is a critical need for new materials that can meet the demand for smaller, faster, more powerful chips; particularly to support the growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Energy Solar. Higher efficiency solar is key to meeting climate change goals

Energy Batteries. A step change in battery performance is needed to drive adoption of electric vehicles (EVs)

  • The nanocarbon market opportunity for these segments is $4+ billion and growing
  • Nano-C’s highly specialized, engineered nanocarbon materials enable solutions for these market challenges


Nano-C is expert in engineering custom-tailored nanocarbon products for each use case and delivers the highest quality, most consistent, and cost competitive product in each category, as determined by its customers’ engineers

Examples include: a layer for solar panels which increases energy generation by up to 40% without an increase in weight or installation cost; and nanocarbon enabled materials for semiconductor manufacturing that increase chip output by up to 2.3 times

Nano-C’s products have been qualified as ready for implementation by top global companies paving the way for commercialization


Key Target Markets







Up to a 2.3x Increase in

Chip Output Per

Manufacturing Line

Increases Efficiency

by 40%

↑ Battery Life & Safety

↑ Fast Charge

↑ Driving Range



$1.0 B

$1.5 B

$1.6 B


EUV Semiconductor


Tandem Perovskite-Silicon Solar

Thin Film Solar

Silicon Anode

Battery Additives

Nano-C is set to disrupt the SEMI, SOLAR and BATTERY markets

with its advanced materials and specialty chemical products


Viktor Veijins — President and CEO

Over 20-years of international general management experience with a successful track record in building new businesses, repositioning and turning around underperforming companies

Don Wallroth — CFO

Over 25 years of financial and general management experience successfully financing, scaling, and monetizing technology related businesses. Raised over $300 million as CFO for multiple private and public technology companies and was directly responsible for acquiring, merging, integrating and completing the sale of numerous entities

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