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The grand finale of CAPITAL MADNESS #1, a capital raising bracket tournament sponsored by Castle Placement and WeWork, took place on May 31st at WeWork-Times Square. Throughout the tournament some of WeWork-Times Square’s best companies pitched their businesses on Castle Placement’s website, as if they were presenting to investors...

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Artificial Intelligence in Investment Banking

Artificial Intelligence in Investment Banking Artificial intelligence is becoming a game changer in investment banking. Barclays is developing an AI system for customers to speak to a device to receive transaction information. UBS recently announced that is using robots on the trading floor to improve trader’s performance. JP Morgan...

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Autonomous Vehicles Update – 2017 Capital Raises

Technological advances for autonomous vehicles are causing meaningful changes in the auto industry. Both financial and strategic investors (i.e OEMs, tech companies, auto suppliers, etc.) are allocating a significant amount of capital to the sector. Over $1 billion was invested in small independent auto tech companies in 2016 – a 91% increase from the previous year, according to CB Insights. Even more is expected for 2017 – see below...

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