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  • Cascata Energy, an affiliate and licensee of IEP Technology, is seeking +/- $11 million of equity to fast track development of their clean water and power production solutions.
    • Cascata and IEP have already invested $13 million to develop the GFC technology
    • Cascata owns the exclusive rights to IEPT’s patented, innovative Geothermic Fuel CellsTM
    • GFCs are used in non-hydrocarbon applications including wastewater treatment, concurrent production of fresh water and clean, baseload electrical power
    • GFCs utilize solid oxide fuel cell technology that, through an electrochemical reaction with natural gas/hydrogen, produces a clean, highly efficient, economic and sustainable source of electrical and high temperature thermal energy and water production
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  • Access to safe drinking water is a global issue. Nearly a billion people worldwide drink unsafe water
  • Accessible fresh water makes up approximately 1% of all the water on earth
  • Water shortages and scarcity are already a major issue in the U.S.
  • Half of the world’s population is expected to face “water stress” conditions — defined as when the available amount of water is exceeded by demand — by 2030
  • Unless more sustainable water management practices are adopted, by 2050, 45% of projected global GDP could be at risk, with as many as 50 nations expected to be involved in conflicts over water
  • Small scale and distributed water production and purification are key solutions to minimizing and eliminating water stress conditions
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  • Cascata’s unique distributed platform combines the ability to produce water for human and animal consumption and irrigation water, while producing green, baseload electricity in close proximity to a community, independent of large water distribution and power infrastructure.
  • GFCs will be used as the source of thermal energy for economic and sustainable water production, with its ‘ PowerFlow’ product line and wastewater treatment using its ‘PowerStream’ product, while producing ‘green’ electricity as a by-product. The solid oxide fuel cell technology in the GFCs electrochemically oxidizes the hydrogen and CO in the fuel stream, producing electricity and heat during the reaction. With no combustion, there is negligible production of NOX, SOX, particulate or toxic emissions and significant reduction in greenhouse gases (CO2). GFCs are essentially self-sufficient in relation to process water. They produce steam in the exhaust, which is re-circulated through fuel pre-reformers, significantly reducing needs for outside process water.
  • Desalination and water purification will use various commercially available systems and use the thermal output from the fuel cells (in the form of hot water or steam) to distill seawater, river water and other types of brackish groundwater and surface water.
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Alan K. Forbes

President and CEO



Highly regarded energy industry veteran, executive, private investor, and entrepreneur. Leads the strategic direction and overall management of the company – 25+ year tenure in the energy industry. Has launched and grown more than a dozen energy-related ventures, including advanced power generation systems, Internet security technologies, an energy industry portal and monitoring and control systems.

Marshall T. Savage

VP Technology Development

Visionary and innovative thinker, has broad entrepreneurial experience in a variety of fields including energy development. Inventor of the Geothermic Fuel Cell and has primary technology development responsibility for the company, including ongoing patent applications, design refinement, and prototype development.

Mark Wall

VP Operations

Over 20 years of experience in engineering, product development, commercialization and manufacturing. Background includes leadership of engineering teams and managing successful product development and new equipment design. Focus has always been to add value by putting together excellent teams for the design and manufacture of products resulting in high quality, performance and low costs that meet or exceed customer or project requirements.

John Brown

VP Corporate Finance (acting CFO)

As a Managing Partner, CFO, controller and engineer, venture experience spans both public and private businesses, large and small, in North America, Europe and Asia including nine years in large multi-national accounting and consulting firms. Lifetime of venture work helped lead those organizations to innovate, transform and then drive performance. Has participated from conceptualization and planning through the implementation of well over 200 venture and other initiatives.


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