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The core team has been actively involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space since 2011.  They have developed a novel solution to the speed and scalability needs of enterprise applications. This should allow all of the exciting and disruptive potential of blockchain (in areas such as AI, trading, supply chain, logistics, advertising, healthcare, real estate, and energy) to be achieved.  These industries and many other verticals demand large transaction volume at a very low cost, without compromising privacy or security. Our client’s solution is expected to meet all of these demands, and our client believes it is poised to lead the enterprise blockchain space accordingly.

Seeking to raise +- $35 Million of tokens.

  • Multi-layer approach means no limits on scalability
  • Ability to process more than one million transactions/second
  • Ultrafast, reliable confirmations and consensus
  • Low transaction costs – fraction of a penny in most cases
  • Very secure and private with strong anti-spam measures
  • Multiple smart contracting languages can co-exist
  • Easy to launch new tokens and easy to run validation nodes
  • The platform’s key features are nearly complete and expected to soon begin initial testing and evaluation by enterprises and other third parties
Helping Great Companies Grow


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