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  • CyberSpa LLC (“CyberSpa”) provides software technology for dramatically improving personal computer performance security and longevity
  • Only comprehensive, fully automated and affordable software-based drive replacement solution
    • hard drive (and what it collects) is the cause for early obsolescence in PC’s
    • FreshStart software fully addresses the traditional drive replacement time, cost and complexity issues for both do-it-yourself (DIY) customers and PC service providers
    • allows a customer with a damaged drive to upgrade that PC with a new SSD
    • PCs are built to last 10 years, but their hard drives wear out in 3 to 5 years – FreshStart addresses this problem, doubling the PC’s useful life while reducing e-waste
  • CyberSpa is seeking $2.1 million in equity capital to expand the service provider network and execute a robust advertising campaign
  • Capital to build the national service provider, ecommerce and manufacturer partnerships to deliver millions of FreshStart services
  • Founded in 2010, experienced management team with extensive experience and computer, software and IT service expertise
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  • People are keeping their PC’s longer as PC’s have become a necessary appliance needed at work and at home, but with no great desire to buy a new one (preferring to invest in a newer smart phone)
    • over one-third of PC’s owners in the U.S. cannot afford a new PC
    • there are no dominant PC service providers in the U.S: quality and cost of service is unpredictable and the industry has a low customer satisfaction rating
  • The PC hard drive is the cause for early obsolescence in most PC’s, creating a disconnect between the useful life of the non-hard drive PC components and the hard drive and software residing on it
    • PC hard drives are the only electromechanical component in a PC and typically only has a 3-5 year lifespan – only 50% of hard drives last through 6 years
    • PC hard drive is electromechanical and wears out over time, while performance-inhibiting viruses and bloatware collect on the hard drive, slowing it down even more
    • over 700 million Windows PC’s worldwide are over two years old (58% of total) and running on slower electromechanical hard drives
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  • CyberSpa spent years developing, enhancing and testing the FreshStart automated drive replacement solution
  • World’s only comprehensive, fully automated and affordable drive replacement software-based solution to personal computer drive replacement
  • FreshStart software fully addresses the traditional time, cost and complexity issues for both do-it-yourself (DIY) customers and PC service providers
  • Building FreshStart national service provider, ecommerce and drive manufacturer partnerships
    • reseller agreements in place: Computer Troubleshooters / CPR; uBreakiFix; BBC & Partners (France, West Africa); Micro Center; Uplevel Systems (SMB market); Accutech (Newegg / Western Digital (WD) bundles); numerous independent stores / service providers
  • Recent drop in Solid State Drives (SSD) costs has resulted in new market opportunities: SSD upgrades at the expanding network of FreshStart service providers are now both practical and affordable for almost every Windows PC owner and very profitable for the FreshStart service providers
  • Consumer market to be addressed by growing network of retail PC repair shops and local in-home PC service providers
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Allen Shay

Co-Founder, CEO and President

Over four decades of experience in the computer, software and IT service industry. Founded Prescient LLC to license and resell leading edge non-US cybersecurity technology to U.S. Government customers.  After over 30 years in the defense IT industry, sold Prescient in 2010 to launch CyberSpa LLC.  Helped launch the first Cyber Maryland initiative in 2008 and co-founded the Security Technology Institute in 2009 and translated that interest in Cybersecurity to creating CyberSpa’s FreshStart. Began career as sales representative for Monroe Calculator. Joined Digital Equipment Corporation in 1980; promoted several times, spending the last three years running Digital’s global defense and intelligence business. Vice President of Sales for Sprint’s new federal division. Returned to Digital as the Defense Industry Vice President.  After Digital was purchased by Compaq Computer, helped set-up Compaq Federal LLC due to security issues associated with the acquisition. Recruited by NCR (spun out of AT&T) and an Israeli software company establishing and operating their government subsidiary companies as President. Graduate of Davidson College.

Karin Hanlon

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer and Board of Directors

Extensive experience working with technology companies in roles including Chief Counsel, COO, and Director of Sales Engineering. Met Allen Shay 18 years ago while working for the new U.S. subsidiary of an Israeli software company that Allen helped to establish and run.  Served as corporate counsel for the parent corporation and later joined Allen Shay in the subsidiary in both a legal and technical capacity. BSEE from Lafayette College, BA from Rutgers University, and JD from Seton Hall University.


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