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Explorer Aircraft is an aircraft design and manufacturing company seeking $180 million of equity to obtain FAA certification and produce the next generation of utility, general aviation aircraft.

  • Proof of concept aircraft has over 500 hours of testing
  • State of the art replacement for current fleet of light piston, twin and single engine utility craft, whose average age is over 35 years
  • Technological advantages in structural integrity, payload, cruise speed and operating costs
  • Efficient wing and aerodynamics designed by John Roncz, the aerodynamicist of the Voyager aircraft, the Virgin-Atlantic Global Flyer and over 50 other high-performance aircraft.
  • A corrosion-proof composite structure airframe with a powerful turbine engine ready to accept new sources of power such as battery, hybrid, and hydrogen.
  • Model 500T carries 8 passengers or 3,200 lbs
  • Model 750T carries 16 passengers or 4,000 lbs
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  • Target market is the aged fleet of over 26,000 utility aircraft with a load capacity of about 4,000 lbs, passenger service of 9 to 13 people, cargo service to remote and/or austere landing zones.
  • Incumbent aircraft average age is 35 years
  • Economic useful life of current fleet is about 30 years
  • Competitors include Cessna Caravan/Grand Caravan, Mahindra Airvan, Pilatus PC-12, Cessna Stationair, Quest Kodiak, PAC 750XL
  • Proven market with low expected acceptance risk
  • Favorable trends in Regional Air Mobility create opportunity for organic growth

The Market and the Fleet

  • The market has been living off the existing fleet
  • These aged aircraft are at the end of their useful life and will need to be replaced

Regional Air Mobility

  • Uses infrastructure that already exists in order to transport people and goods using innovative aircraft
  • An alternative to mid-distance ground trips – provides accessibility that is dependable, efficient, and cost effective
  • 70% of all flights in the US use 0.6% of available airports (NASA Regional Air Mobility April 2021)
  • Apps like Airpool, and next generation aircraft, will make RAM possible

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Explorer provides a modern, fuel efficient, all composite aircraft that should replace all direct competitors

  • Superior design and aerodynamics made possible by current advances in CFD (computational fluid dynamics)
  • Advanced carbon fiber structure for improved strength, safety, and corrosion-free structural longevity, for a service life of over 50 years
  • 20-25% better fuel economy lowering operating costs and reducing greenhouse gasses thanks to a low drag design and the latest in efficient turboprop engine power
  • An aviation platform that will be easily adaptable to hybrid and battery electric power as the technology develops
  • Designed from the outset to accommodate automation to achieve transport category safety with or without a pilot
  • Explorer requires no new systems or infrastructure to support Regional Air Mobility markets

Key Advantages

  • Impactful, incremental improvements on existing designs – drag, weight, capacity and efficiency
  • Conventional aircraft – development program designed to work with the FAA certification process
  • Established market worldwide
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Bryan E. Lynch

President and CEO

  • Led engineering and R&D at Surgimedics, Inc. Developed the autotransfusion system for Advanced Heamo Technology
  • Led R&D and sales at Komet Medical. Developed a line of powered bone-cutting tools for orthopedic and neurosurgery applications
  • Led international sales and marketing for MicroMed Technology – developer of the first axial flow left ventricular assist device as a technology transfer from NASA
  • Led sales, marketing and engineering for the DeBakey VAD – 2002 NASA Commercial Invention of the Year
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University. MBA from Texas Christian University
  • Active IFR rated pilot 45 years – flies a Cessna Turbo 210N

Charles W. Yeargain


  • 35 years of financial experience ranging from start-ups to large publicly traded corporations
  • Founder and VP Finance for Allied Riser Communications. Raised $750 million capital, managed purchasing, treasury, and risk management
  • Principal of Yeargain Companies, Inc., an investment and consulting firm specializing in oil and gas investments, debt settlements, loan restructures and commercial debt workouts
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Computer Information Systems from Baylor University. Master of Business Administration in Finance and Investments from Baylor University

Richard Abbott


  • 25 years of experience designed aircraft and life extension programs for Part 23, Part 25 and part 27 composite/metallic, civil and military manned aircraft and UAVs
  • Leadership positions at Diamond Aircraft, Stratos Aircraft, Samad Aerospace and Otto aviation
  • Consulted for Bombardier, Piper, Mooney, Boom, Glasair, Icon, Lilium, Marenco, ITPS, ALP & DeLorean Aerospace
  • Consulted to aerospace startup companies from initial development to transition into production
  • Authored “Analysis and Design of Composite and Metallic Flight Vehicle Structures” and hundreds of analysis spreadsheets used as standard analysis methods across the industry
  • Taught as associate professor at the University College of the Cayman Islands

Taras Lyssenko


  • Government relations and business development consultant for defense, energy, aviation, medicine, and homeland security
  • Former lobbyist with the US Senate, House of Representatives, Department of Defense, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, US Department of Energy, and many corporations
  • Widely known for the recovery and preservation of historical artifacts that had been lost under water
  • Led R&D 100 Awards teams developing titanium production, natural gas production and next generation nuclear power

Chester Schickling  

VP Sales and Marketing

  • Manager of international marketing, airline marketing and general aviation sales at Beech Aircraft Corporation
  • Developed a backlog order book of $962 million at Sino Swearingen Aircraft
  • Former VP sales and marketing with M7 Aerospace. Created annual gross revenues of $400 million
  • Developed sales at Standard Aero ($110 million) and CASA Aircraft USA ($70 million in 12 months)
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