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Credit Card Bill Management-Payments-Rewards


$6 Million

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Fyncr is seeking $6 million of equity to meet the growing demand for their payment application expansion in the U.S. market

Fyncr is the first and only app that empowers users to view, manage and automate payments of all their credit card bills from any bank account and get rewarded for it

Proprietary payments tech at the core transactions network (withgateways and banks) level

1,500 brands waiting to be on the marketplace

Fyncr had an immensely successful BETA – 30K downloads, 5K MAUs (monthly active users) and generated revenue of $12K per month

Currently at 100K subscribers (with 100K users waiting) and growing by a few thousand per month



Problem: Credit Card Repayment

Every credit card issuer has their own platform for account management and payment

Missing reminders results in high penalties for late payments, further leading to poor credit scores

Monthly interests and growing debt demotivates users to pay back more or on time



The Fyncr mobile app

A Single, unified platform to manage and pay credit card bills in return for brand rewards


Management Team

Sahil Kumar

CEO and Co-CTO

Graduated as an electronics, instrumentation and tech communications engineer from BITS and has also earned a Master’s in Business Administration from INSEAD

Earlier work experience spans across 4 continents for manufacturing giants such as Panasonic, Weidmüller and Hilti. Achieved excellence in technical and commercial sales, marketing, and product, serving diverse industries ranging from oil and gas, energy, automation to civil construction

Was managing projects at Accenture’s largest global consulting arm for the High Technology vertical in Asia and FinTech industry, launching and managing Google Pay in India, which was one of the largest and fastest growing FinTech markets

Responsible for leading teams and building the offering from launch to the #1 payments service within 2 years.  During this time, managed several multi-$billion accounts for Google

New-age entrepreneur/visionary – aims to reform the FinTech space in North America

Zamira Tasneem


Responsible for creating the company’s marketing strategy and accelerating brand recognition

Over 15 years in the technology marketing and communications industry

Has worked with global integrated marketing agencies such as Publics and Edelman offering clients such as Dell, PayPal, Cisco, NVIDIA, Sequoia, HubSpot a visionary and holistic approach to developing marketing communication strategies that are both effective and efficient

Driven by passion for personal finance, community, and wellness, works exceptionally well with business and community leaders with shared vision and values

Graduate of Stella Maris College and University of California, Davis. Masters in PR and Communications with an emphasis in Content Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising


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