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Health Technology


$5 Million

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Private Equity

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Global Wellness Apps, Inc. (GWA) supports the diabetes community. Seeking $5 million to grow its ecosystem, to disrupt the massive diabetic and prediabetic markets

Significant traction: over 30,000 downloads, hyper-focus on the diabetic audience should generate sponsorship and advertising revenues at premium prices, empowering individuals to manage their own health

One of the first all-in-one diabetes management solutions aimed at revolutionizing the lives of several million diabetics and prediabetics throughout North America and potentially on a global scale

Revenue expected from telehealth appointments,  a state-of-the-art e-pharmacy, digital advertising, sponsorships, and a peer-to-peer diabetic supply with many more features to be introduced









Internet Usage in Healthcare – The accessibility to appointments, support, information, products, and services can be effectively provided over the Internet


Increasing Reliance on Internet for Healthcare – Every year, people become more and more comfortable and reliant on the provision of health products and services over the Internet



Impact of COVID 19 – COVID 19 has accelerated the adoption of telehealth and the provision of many aspects of healthcare over the Internet


The Need for Digital Transformation – Healthcare systems continue to fail the diabetic and prediabetic communities and are ineffective at transitioning to digital



The Need for Support – Ongoing diabetes care and prevention can be effectively supported digitally



Providing a Comprehensive Diabetes Solution – GWA has four divisions to aggregate the massive diabetic and prediabetic communities and empower those affected to become more effective in managing their own health

Easily Accessible Services – GWA provides a platform that is easily accessible and focused on diabetes health services

State-of-the-art E-Pharmacy – Conveniently delivers pharmaceutical and OTC diabetic supplies to patients

Informational Platform for Diabetes – Free-to-use social and informational platform offering peer support, information, tools, recipes, gamification of behavior management to support both diabetic and prediabetic communities

Capturing a Wider Audience – Podcast & YouTube programs positioned to capture the interest of all diabetics and their supporters


Why Invest In GWA

Significant Addressable Market – There are over 133 million diabetic or pre-diabetic North Americans – this community is growing, but remains underserved

Telehealth Market Potential – The digital healthcare industry is booming: expected to reach $636 billion by 2028

Consumer Demand – The products and services GWA provides are perpetually required by diabetic and pre-diabetic communities around the world

Developed Business and Proof of Concept – Businesses operations launched with 30,000 downloads

Competitive Differentiation – GWA is one of the first comprehensive diabetes / prediabetes management solutions in the market


The Products

Global Wellness Apps, Inc. (GWA) is a digital solution focused on three key verticals that provide innovative technology solutions that support the growing North American diabetic and prediabetic communities.



 GWA’s Mission is to be the all-in-one solution for total diabetes management.


Management Team

Sean Zaboroski

CEO & Co-Founder

Visionary behind GWA and an advocate for the diabetic and prediabetic communities. Leads with passion and oversees an excellent and dedicated team that is driven to fill the gaps that exist in the existing health care systems

Objective is to make a positive impact on all those faced with the challenges of diabetes. Seasoned lawyer and successful entrepreneur. Passion stems from having close family members being affected by both diabetes and prediabetes

Prior to GWA, co-founded a legal North American cannabis company that started off as an idea in the summer of 2014, and became a publicly listed company in 2017. In the spring of 2019 it had a market capitalization approaching $2 billion.

Stuart Hensman

Independent Director

Former Director, Chairman, CEO & Managing Director (Equities) for Scotia Capital Inc. (US and UK).

Several board positions including Chairman of the Board of Governors at CI Funds, Chairman of the Board of Creststreet Asset Management, and Chairman of the Board of Creststreet Power and Income Fund.

Taylor Companion

Co-Founder & COO

Experienced operations manager that has held leadership positions with a variety of entities in the non-profit and internet industry.

Coordinates GWA’s outstanding team ensuring that the corporate vision is maximized for stakeholders and the communities it serves.


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