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Focus on the acquisition, financing, asset management, property management, leasing, development, renovation, and disposition of grocery anchored shopping centers in suburban and secondary markets

Seeking $100 million to purchase and aggregate a portfolio of grocery anchored properties with $300 million in enterprise value

The acquisition consists of 20-30 retail assets over a 2-3 year span in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Southwest, Midwest, and West regions of the United States (exclusive of the Pacific Northwest)

Grocery-anchored centers have been valued at a premium relative to power centers while providing steadier operating performance throughout the pandemic

The management team has over 120 years of combined experience in private and public commercial real estate. 

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Grocery-anchored centers have been valued at a premium relative to power centers while providing steadier operating performance throughout the pandemic. Necessity based asset that may serve as a hedge against inflation



Shift from traditional brick-and-mortar shops to hybrid distribution centers in last-mile delivery networks. Achieved through high margin delivery services such as in-store pickup, curbside pickup, and delivery from store 



Rental occupancy rates have been trending upward and reached 93.6% in 2022, the highest since 2015, while leasing volumes and rental rates have picked up since early 2021 ​



Shopping center REITs have resulted in total returns of more than 65% in 2021​


The company leverages a strong relationship with retailers and history of investing in shopping centers to identify primarily grocery-anchored real estate assets

Acquisition criteria: average size of 100,000 SF; purchase price of $15 million

Looking for locations situated within 50-75 miles of top Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA’s) and in communities with higher-than-average household incomes

Seeks grocers that are the top one or two performing grocers in a 3–5-mile trade area which is densely populated and has high barriers to entry (Kroger, Publix, Lowes Foods, etc…)

Will implement strategic asset management plans and proactive tenant relationships to increase revenues.

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