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Ozone X Super GP LLC is seeking $150 million for its venture capital fund investing in early stage diversity-led technology and SHEE (sustainability, health/wellness, education and employment) companies.

  • Target 25 early stage investments -Seed & Series A
    • technology and SHEE – greater resiliency & have outperformed benchmarks
    • bold missions – ready to scale globally
    • majority of investments in U.S. and Europe
  • Invest in top-performing, underrepresented diverse founders to solve bold problems and seek outsized returns
    • greater capital efficiency – diversity-led early stage tech companies achieved 30%+ higher ROI
    • faster exits – female-led startups exited avg 6.4 years below the avg 7.4 years
    • limited competition for investments – supports attractive valuations
  • Ozone Expert Network & Assessment Platform
    • three pillars of outsized returns – diverse founders, boards and cap tables
    • invite-only proprietary scalable network
    • proven and data-driven assessment platform – outperformed top-tier VCs
  • Headquartered in San Francisco, New York City and Paris
    • world-class team of investors, operators and founders – expertise and excellent track records with strong global network
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Helping Great Companies Grow


  • People of color and female-owned businesses are underserved by the venture capital community
  • Diversity-led startups deliver superior ROI on less capital than their peers
  • Limited competition for investments – supports attractive valuation


  • BCG Consulting Group – Why Women Owned Start Ups are a Better Bet
    • “For every funding dollar, startups founded (or co-founded) by women generate 78 cents, while male-founded startups generate just 31 cents” 
Helping Great Companies Grow

Arbitrage Unwarranted Human Bias

  • First Round – female co-founded companies outperformed male co-founded companies by 63%  – measured by valuation
  • Kauffman Foundation – private technology female-led companies are more capital-efficient
    • 35% higher ROI
    • if venture-backed – 12% higher revenue than male-led startups by men
  • BCG – female co-founded businesses deliver higher revenue (more than 2 times dollar invested) than male co-founded
  • Pitchbook – female-led startups are faster to exit – 6.4 years versus an average of 7.4 years


  • Investment size in female-led companies ($0.94 million) averaged less than half of  male co-founded companies ($2.10 million)
  • Female-led startups were only awarded 2.8% of Venture Capital funding in 2019
Helping Great Companies Grow

Benefits From Diversity

  • Companies led by diverse founders showed top-tier realized returns – but remain under-represented
    • ethnic/gender diversity correlate with profitability – but people of color/women remain underserved
    • large market gap ready to be served
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Helping Great Companies Grow


  • Invest 80% in top-performing, underrepresented diverse founders to solve bold problems and deliver outsized returns
    • 60% of population but previously allocated less than 6% of funding
    • rebalances talent to capital access in the private markets
    • remaining 20% reserved to opportunistically support stellar entrepreneurs
  • Target 25 early stage investments – Seed & Series A – ready to scale
    • technology and SHEE – focused in U.S. and Europe
    • double-down on top performing investments
    • retain 50% of capital for follow-on investments
  • Summary of Terms
    • management fee – 2%
    • carry – 20%
    • investment period -5 years
    • fund term – 10 years with up to tow 1-year extensions
  • OzoneX Expert Network -Advisors and Venture Partners
    • invite-only experienced investors/operators -culture reflects OzoneX mission
    • co-invests alongside leading VCs and Strategics
  • OzoneX Expert Assessment Platform
    • scaling advantage – “collective expert assessment process” outperformed compared to top-tiered VCs
Helping Great Companies Grow


Jacques-Philippe Piverger, Co-founder & Managing Partner

20+ years Executive at $100 Billion+ funds, Serial Founder. Graduate of Georgetown. Dartmouth MBA.

Lea Bajc, Co-founder & Partner

Tech investor and entrepreneur. Harvard MBA. HEC MsC, Stockholm School of Economics, Kaufman Fellow.

Caen Contee, Co-founder & Partner

Founding team at Lime, angel investor & advisor. Graduate of Dartmouth College.

Helping Great Companies Grow
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