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Purely Prepared Brands


Purely Prepared Brands, Inc. (PPB) is seeking $12.5 million of equity to rent, equip and operate an existing food processing facility to enable mass production of its extensive line of market-superior, wood-smoked meats, poultry, and fish, that will be sold through branded distribution channels

PPB will initially distribute under its Purely Smoked™ brand through affiliate relationships the company is forming with its national proteins suppliers – utilizing both its own label and as a co-branded offering

PPB will also introduce its innovative, self-contained modular kitchens that will feature superior quality of quickly prepared meals, offering all-day foodservice at both indoor and outdoor high-traffic locations

The PPB founders and management team have substantial experience in the foodservice industry including chain ownership and franchise operations, as well as in commercial food processing and culinary development of value-added food products

Purely Prepared Brands


Globally, the combined foodservice and retail foods market was valued at $1.9 trillion in 2020 and is projected to reach $3.4 trillion by 2030, with meat and seafood the highest contributors and the US having more than one-third of global sales

PPB management believes that most prepared food sold through foodservice and retail is highly processed, with marginally enjoyable taste and unhealthy levels of sodium, sugar, and toxic additives

PPB is positioned to raise the bar to the highest standard for purity and meet consumer demand for nutritious and tasty prepared foods that PPB will sell through unique foodservice and retail distribution channels

Financial opportunities are being captured by those foodservice and retail packaged companies that understand and adapt to evolving consumer food-buying trends, that include consumer demand for enhanced convenience, menu variety, taste, nutritional value, and price-value


Purely Prepared Brands


To produce its unique food products, PPB has developed a proprietary oven technology by working with an established oven manufacturer to build custom-engineered, high-volume, wood-burning ovens

These ovens, along with proprietary PPB preparation techniques, produce artisanal-quality, wood-smoked meat and fish in large quantities to be packaged as entrees or integrated into recipe meals

To maximize sales opportunities of these food products, PPB has developed two primary distribution channels:

  • Retail Grocery: Under the Purely Smoked® brand, and/or under a co-brand, PPB’s strategic raw supplier-partners will develop its line of prepared, “heat’n eat” items for sale in retail grocery outlets

    Foodservice: PPB has developed a down-sized, cost-efficient, high-return, modular and self-contained foodservice kitchen for on-site, hot and cold sales of its purely prepared, smoked cuisine. PBB has a modular kitchen for indoor and for outdoor operation

Purely Prepared Brands

Experienced Management

Eddie Feintech


Operated a small chain of wood-smoked barbecue restaurants, which proprietary oven and process technique he subsequently developed into a concept for commercial mass-production

Over 30 years of experience in commercial food processing and working market applications for the unique value-add product

Will oversee key operating functions relative to support for food production, channels of branded distribution, and PPB’s Franship™ foodservice operations

Dennis Harrison, PhD


Senior executive experience in guiding IT development and implementation for large multi-national companies with over 50 million transactions per month

As CTO, will manage the technology budget and make investments for technological needs; design and manage the cloud technology for real- time data access to all menu stations and their respective sales and inventory tracking, as well as access for the data of website ordering, app ordering and corporate accounting

Donald Krueger, CPA & Atty.

Executive VP/CFO

Extensive professional career in executive-level public accounting and auditing, enhanced by legal expertise relative to both private business and public company management as general counsel

Will create auditable accounting and reporting systems that integrate with IT data information and direct corporate finance with operational and transparent accountability

Dale Bailey

CCO of PPB & Group President

Purely Smoked Foods

Accomplished culinary executive with over 40 years throughout the foodservice industry including executive chef positions in restaurants, hotels, airline catering, food manufacturing, distribution, and sales

Most recently was a group President in a $70 million national gourmet foods company

Expert qualifications in recipe R&D, food production, HACCP management, team building, foodservice, and retail sales, along with an extensive network of industry contacts to support critical supply chain dynamics as well as co-brand sales.

Sherif Tadros

Group President/Purely Smoked™

Franship™ Kitchens

Successful visionary executive and entrepreneur with over 25 years of domestic and international foodservice experience in both start-up and growth management operations that also include franchising expertise

Results-oriented leader, with proven success in franchised, multi- unit brand management relating to operating execution, strategic planning, and team building

Most recently developed and expanded a franchise brand to over 30 franchises before selling

Purely Prepared Brands

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