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SHIFT is seeking $10 million to purchase and install a U.S. network of energy efficiency systems – managed through an online Shared Energy Savings (SES) Platform.

  • Energy efficiency systems use Novacab Thermal Energy Storage System (TESS) technology
    • unlike solar or wind, each installed Novacab energy efficiency system is expected to generate cash cost savings for qualified commercial customers – every day, rain or shine
  • SHIFT SES contracts can provide cost savings for up to 40 years
    • affordable – customers have no upfront capital costs and retain 20% of resultant energy savings
    • first installation expected within 120 days of funding; first cash flow expected within 30 days of first installation
  • SHIFT SES platform – unique 24/7 online platform structured to commoditize demand-side energy savings
    • allows participants to browse, search and be notified of SES opportunities in which they may elect to invest
    • accredited and institutional investors may invest
    • asset backed – 75% secured by income producing physical assets
  • Proven, patented Novacab TESS technology
    • award winning – 2007 ASHRAE 1st place award
    • proven & reliable – over 40 commercial installs; over 10 years with zero downtime
    • predictable – standardized calculations enhance estimated outcomes; simplicity and similarities across installations enhance repeatable results
  • Management team has extensive experience in the management, design and implementation of energy efficiency, energy services, online portals and digital assets
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  • Energy is expensive…. wasted energy is a revenue generating opportunity
  • Commercial, industrial, medical and institutional facilities worldwide spend up to 20%-45% of their annual electric budget on cooling – spaces, machines, industrial and manufacturing processes – for data centers this cost can climb over 55%
  • Majority of commercial and industrial cooling is needed during the standard workday at peak ambient temperatures and peak utility rates when both peak ambient temperatures and utility rates are at their highest
    • peak power hardest to produce and most expensive to buy
    • high demand leads to higher utility rates for businesses due to peak delivery ‘spike’ charges
  • By shifting cooling from the standard workday to nights – customers could potentially save 45% or more on cooling costs without changing their daily operations or comfort controls
  • Large addressable market – over 10 million large commercial and industrial liquid chillers were use in the U.S. in 2019
    • over 3.4 million 1,500+ ton water-cooled chillers in use in the U.S. at an estimated CAGR of 4.2%
    • over 6,000 new 1,000+ ton water-cooled chillers per year are sold in the U.S.
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Peak Energy: Expensive and Dirty

  • During peak demand hours, most utility companies must use relatively inefficient, ‘peaker’ plants to meet power demand
  • In the U.S., there are over 1,200 such ‘peaker’ plants – all of which rely upon fossil fuel feedstocks such as natural gas which are designed to turn on/off easily during standard peak energy workdays, but not for cost savings
  • Shifting commercial power demand to the night cycle reduces the reliance on these cost inefficient ‘peaker’ plants – in turn, increasing the per kilowatt-hour (kWh) profitability of utility companies
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  • SHIFT energy efficiency design, engineering strategies and technology
    • customers may achieve savings of over 50% in total energy costs
    • range of strategies – including proven, patented Novacab TESS (Thermal Energy Storage System) technology
    • each TESS unit expected to generate up to 25% of its cost in gross energy savings per year
  • SHIFT investor focus
      • all revenues generated through energy savings and paid monthly
      • SHIFT retains the remaining 80% of resultant savings as fees for managing the installation sitesreliable revenues
    • first cash flow typically within 30 days of installation
      • first installation expected within 120 days of funding
    • predictable, repeatable financial performance
      • standardized calculations enhance estimated outcomes
    • stable 20-year SES contracts
    • SHIFT SES platform
      • unique 24/7 online platform structured to commoditize demand-side energy savings
  • SHIFT customer focus
    • no up-front expense (zero capital expenditures)
    • ongoing energy savings – retain 20% of resultant energy savings
    • significant maintenance cost savings
    • SHIFT SES platform
    • real-time data monitoring for energy, financial metrics, and greenhouse gas (GHG) offset numbers
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Mattias Dahl

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Over 30 years’ experience in areas of information technology and user experience design/architecture. Chief Strategy Officer for Novacab, a leading maker of Thermal Energy Storage Systems (TESS). Member of Board, Energi Pros, LLC. Led strategy and capital formation for green energy and cleantech firms across the U.S. and Canada. Previously worked at the C-Suite level with various corporations including Accenture, Allstate, Bose, FLUOR, Grainger, Perficient, Sears, The Discovery Channel, The U.S. Navy and Department of Defense, United Airlines to strategize, design, create, upgrade, test, and launch online and web-enabled platforms. Started first software development company in 1984 (at age of 16); first major corporate client was TELEX, landed the first year. Attended University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology.

William Probst

Co-Founder & Chief Energy Officer

Over 24 years of executive and marketing experience in energy efficiency and energy services. Recognized chiller retrofit expert.  Owned and operated two ESCOs (Energy Services Companies) in the Dallas, Texas area. Consultant to Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Worked with various firms on large-scale energy audits to develop energy efficiency strategies – reduced energy-related operating expenses and saved millions of dollars in wasted energy costs. Strong technology and financial services network of vendor partnerships within the energy services industry. Graduate of Oklahoma City Community College.

Michael Galante

Chief Operations Officer

Experienced entrepreneur and self-taught engineer with 16 years of technology development and project management experience in the areas of ballistics, nanoparticle technologies, coatings, semiconductors, and robotics. Currently the lead manufacturing quality and R&D engineer for an up-and-coming robotics company in the Boston area. Led the design of one of the strongest anti-ballistic windows that H.P White has ever tested and certified. Worked with various companies on cutting edge development of ballistics, nanoparticle technologies, coatings, semi-conductors and robotic technologies.  Has a long track record of achieving real-world results on time and to spec.

Helping Great Companies Grow
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