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Seeking $20 million to expand its tech-enabled pharmacy for aging in place with the mission of improving lives. 

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$20 Million

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We provide patients and caregivers with a superior way of managing medications to increase efficiencies across the ecosystem and deliver optimal health outcomes

  • 2023 proforma revenue: $13.5 million; 2024 expected revenue: $60 million; EBITDA: ($3 million); experiencing rapid growth trajectory
  • Proceeds will be used for technology development, new facilities, enhance management, and marketing
  • Currently serve patients throughout the US, with active shipping operations – commitment to address the healthcare needs of aging individuals on a broad scale
  • Management team has extensive experience in pharma and healthcare
  • Patient profile averages 8+ medications per individual with annual revenue generated per patient of $7,000 – reflecting the profound impact on clientele’s healthcare management and the resulting economic value


  • Prescription drug spending accounts for 3% of 2023 US GDP, with projected annual growth of ~6% until 2026
  • $731 billion US prescription drug spend by 2026, up 25% from 2023
  • Retail pharmacy, currently with a 5-10% penetration rate in US e-commerce, is lower than in most other industries 
  • Significant opportunity for growth and transformation in digital, as only 5.4% of US adults purchase prescriptions from digital pharmacies


  • As of Q3-2023, the company has achieved an annualized run rate of $20 million 
  • 636% growth rate, underscoring PRX’s rapid evolution in the healthcare sector
  • 12-month hypergrowth with significant traction across customer, partner, and patient acquisition


  • Provides a highly customized, patient-centric approach to prescription management 
  • All services are delivered at no additional cost, offering easy prescription transfers, free home delivery, and enhanced medication packaging 
  • Efficient medication management – dose packs, synchronization, and dedicated support for improved outcomes 
  • Targeted patient focus: aging in place 
  • Rapidly expanding through new partner strategies for increased reach and service quality 
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