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Wearable Health Solutions, Inc. (WHSI), which designs and manufactures innovative personal medical alarm and safety alert devices used to summon help in an emergency, is seeking $5 million of equity to fund business development/growth.

Wearable Health Solutions is a public company trading on the OTC Markets Pink Open Markets Sheet division under the symbol “WHSI”. The company is conducting a private capital raise.

Leader in body-mounted biological function sensors and other wearable equipment for remote monitoring, data collection and processing

Next-generation state-of-the-art iHelp MAX, a telehealth-ready 4G cellular network device fully integrated with WHSI’s proprietary mobile-Health Central Cloud Management and Automation platform

WHSI’s hardware products are offered in conjunction with periodic subscription plans for live-operator response services provided around-the-clock by certified emergency medical technicians

Technicians are trained to assess immediately the situation and dispatch appropriate aid personnel – potential to save lives, mitigate physical harm from the incident and limit other repercussions, such as expensive hospital stays

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Fueled by rapidly growing worldwide geriatric populations and technology-driven mobile healthcare (mHealth) trends invigorated globally by the COVID-19 pandemic, the already-vibrant PERS industry is poised to benefit from the converging telemedicine practices and Internet-of-Things (IoT) communication technologies

PERS solutions have flourished due to accelerating innovation, persistent population aging, and growing incidence of acute and chronic diseases across the globe, especially in industrialized nations, where socio-economic dynamics favored independent living arrangements over multi-generational households

The industry has transformed significantly due to converging mHealth technology advancements and post-WW2 demographics yielding unprecedented geriatric population growth, both domestically and internationally

Both the number of 65+ seniors and their share in the population are on track to continue the steep rise in the upcoming decade – expected to surpass 70 million residents and represent over 20% of total population by 2030

Worldwide, according to United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs “World Population Aging 2020 Highlights”, the population of persons 65 and over, which reached 727 million (9.3% share) is projected to more than double to 1.5 billion in 2050 (16% share), trailing the trends of developed regions and providing natural PERS demand impetus for decades into the future

Depending on the source of market data and methodology employed by major online research providers, the PERS industry in 2020 was valued between $3.88 and $7.14 billion worldwide and expected to growth at a CAGR ranging from 5.3% to 7.9%

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Expect to execute a pivotal product launch of iHelp MAX 4G™ device designed specifically to capitalize on latest mPERS real-time location tracking features and emerging wearable health monitoring technologies

Increase dealer network

Actively market to dealers not currently purchasing our 3G product

Multimedia campaign to announce our 4G iHelp MAX product

Manage manufacturing and inventory control

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Harrysen Mittler, CEO

Over thirty years in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, business administration and commerce

Served in the audit division of Deloitte Haskins and Sells, the predecessor to Deloitte & Touche LLP

Served as Chairman, CEO and CFO of Pacific Software Inc. a public company, (symbol PFSF) as a designer, developer and acquirer of enterprise solutions in the emerging e-commerce technology sectors

Served as director and CFO of Nortia Capital Partners Inc., a publicly traded merchant banking company, as well as for Autoworks International Ltd. a company quoted on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Peter Pizzino, President

25-year career in the securities and investment industry, with significant financial experience

Held positions in Capital Markets at Spartan Capital, then with J. Streicher Capital on the New York Stock Exchange Floor – financed both public and private client companies

Served as president of Pacific Software Inc., PFSF on the OTC Markets, which is a software development and acquisition company – helped develop a commodities trade platform for the international markets

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